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[Unedited] Mywinningcode.Com Scam: Is Mywinningcode.com A Scam? Check Its Reviews And Legitimacy Details

This research on Mywinningcode.com Scam will guide the readers on the deals offered by Mywinningcode.

Did you scratch my winning code card? Have you won any gifts? Recently, mywinningcode.com is offering prize money to its users in the United States. Some users want to know about Mywinningcode.com Scam and if it is offering scratch cards to avail prizes. In this post, we will look into the complete details of mywinningcode.com and all the exciting prizes offered by them.

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Is Mywinningcode a scam? 

Many users are asking for the reliability of the site and if it offers a fair deal to their users to scratch the card and win the prizes. This is sometimes considered a scam site because of its marketing strategy and it is redirected to dealer’s apps which aims to boost its sales. However, some users find it legit because they won many prizes and shared reviews on a few sites.

Mywinningcode.com Reviews

Since mywinningcode.com redirects to a dealer’s app that deals in automobiles and awards cash prizes to the winners, we have found a few reviews on this deal on Reddit. Users shared their experiences on the deal. A user wrote that he wins a cash prize after his code matched with the winning prize. He also wrote that he won $750. However, in the reply section, another user commented that he had not won anything from this deal and it is a way to flourish business and fool people. Some people shared positive feedback while others had a dark experience with the prize reward by Mywinningcode.com. The users seem skeptical of Mywinningcode.com Scam as some had a bad experience. However, the legitimacy details state the good side of the website that we will be sharing ahead. 

DISCLAIMER: In this post, we have covered all necessary aspects of this website. But, users should not trust the site unless it shows valid details. We only intend to provide the details for informative purposes. 

Is this prize reward by Mywinningcode reliable?

The domain got a valid life expectancy of more than thirteen years. It was enrolled on October 30, 2009, which clearly states that the site had been registered many years ago. But, there were mixed Mywinningcode.com Reviews on Reddit. Also, the trust index of the Mywinningcode was appreciating as it got 100 out of 100 trust index. But, there was no valid HTTPS connection available on the site. Also, it redirects you to another online site that is quite suspicious.


Wrapping up this post, we gave all the required details on the Mywinningcode that uses Dealersapp to open its page and win cash prizes. The website can be called partially trustworthy but one should be alert while dealing and sharing credentials with such sites.

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Mywinningcode.com Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Mywinningcode provide cash prizes itself?

Ans. No, the website redirects you to another site called, the Dealers app. This all deals in automobiles and offers scratch cards with code combinations.

Q2. How does it offer a cash prize?

Ans. They provide you with a scratch card and you need to match the combination of codes.

Q3. What are the legitimacy criteria available on the Mywinningcode?

Ans. The site has a good lifespan of more than 13 years and it got an excellent trust score index. 

Q4. Can we call it a scam website?

Ans. As per Mywinningcode.com Scam, it can be partially trustworthy because of mixed reviews and good lifespan and trust score. But, it redirects you to another portal that does not describe anything about themselves on it.

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