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[Uncensored] Narco Reina Video Leaked On Twitter: Is Ina la Narco Tape On Instagram, Youtube

Check the details on Inna la Narco Reina Video Leaked on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram.

Do you know who was Narco Reina? Have you watched her TikTok Videos? Why are people across Chile, Mexico, and the United States talking about her? What happened to Inna la Reina? We have discussed here through this news Narco Reina Video Leaked on Twitter.

What is Narco Reina Video Leaked on Twitter News?

A violent crime in the community of Padre Hurtado was recorded on camera on Tuesday morning yesterday. A popular TikToker, Inna la Narcolost her life after she had been shot several times. Sabrina Duran Montero, who is popularly known as Ina, the Narco Queen, had a criminal history. After the Ina la Narco Reina Video news shared on TikTok and Twitter, people are talking about her. According to known information till now, she was followed by several men who shot her multiple times even after she was injured. After she fell on the ground, they took her vehicle.

What happened to Narco Reina TikTok star?

As per reports, when local people found her bleeding on the ground, they urgently transferred her to a care center located in the Santa Rosa de Chena sector. However, later, the doctor declared her dead, according to updated news from Major Leonel Munoz. As per sources, now, Carabineros are looking into a suspected robbery score-settling.

What can we see in a viral YouTube video?

In the viral clip that was shared in the name of Ina, the Narco Queen, we can see some people arriving in a vehicle at Padre Hurtado with tinted windows. One of them, whose face was covered and holding a weapon in his hand, came out from the car. In the viral Instagram video, we can see Narco Reina lying on the road, crawling on the ground, when she received another shot from the face-covered man. In the video, we can also see the vehicle that they stole was found on fire in the Quilicura commune.

As per the initial Ina la Narco Reina Video information, how many members were there is not known, but speculation indicates there were six to seven people. Also, who were they is not yet identified, but the investigation from the nearby surveillance camera is ongoing. The possibility of conflict between toxic substances traffickers is taken as a priority in this investigation.

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Who was Narco Reina TikTok star?

Ina La Narco was a young woman, just 24 years old, who received huge popularity from TikTok. She used to live a luxurious lifestyle before her arrest in 2022 and bragging about donning expensive clothing and accessories. But in 2022, more than 100 investigators from the Police department raided numerous locations, which led to the arrest of Sabrina Durán Montero and her brother.

After her arrest, people thought it was the end of this Instagram celebrity. Despite the fact that the woman’s toxic substances business failed and ended up in jail, she managed to gain popularity through TikTok. She used to share numerous videos despite the fact mobile devices are not permitted in jail. Sabrina Duran Montero has more than 250 thousand followers on her TikTok account.


The news of the death of Narco Reina is disheartening after her release from jail. We sadly cannot provide this act of violence video to our audience. But we will provide you with updated news information. You can check the YouTube video for more information on Queen la “Ina,” la narco influencer here.

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Disclaimer: The information in this post is presented after reseach available online and social media news like Telegram. As the investigation is ongoing, the information will change frequently.

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