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Narwal Robot Australia Reviews (June) Is This Legit?

Narwal Robot Australia Reviews (June) Is This Legit? >> The guide shares details about the new innovative floor cleaner to help consumers make the right buying decision.

Are you looking for a floor cleaner with both mopping and sweeping functions? Do you want to automate the floor cleaning process? Then, bring home the all-new, advanced floor cleaner, 2-in-1 T10 Robot Cleaner from Narwal. 

Wet mopping is the best process to keep the hard floors clean and dirt-free. But many homeowners prefer wet mopping once a week as it demands physical labor. Narwal Robot is here to solve the problem by automating the hard floor sweeping and wet mopping for you.

It is the product from a reputed brand in Australia. Let is check the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews.  

What is Narwal Robot Cleaner?

Narwal Robot Cleaner is the 2-in-1 robotic floor cleaner with a vacuum and wet mopping function to clear your hard floor like a pro. The powerful cleaner scrubs the hard floors after vacuuming and leave behind and shiny and clean floor. 

Designed in Australia using the LIDAR navigation technology and smart sensors, the robot cleaner automatically sweeps the surfaces and mops the laminate, tile, linoleum, hardwood and other floor surfaces. When it is done, the machine cleans itself without human intervention. 

Considering the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews, the machine features two integral parts, the base station to hold the clean and dirty water and the robot itself. It has a large water tank with the capacity to hold 1.3 gallons, and it is suitable for cleaning large spaces up to 2150 sq. ft. 

Specifications of the Product

  • Product Dimension – 17.99×16.06×25.87 inches
  • Weight – 35.6 pounds
  • Model Number – T10
  • Batteries – One Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • First Available Date – 17th March 2021
  • Water Tank – 5L×2
  • Rotation Speed – 360 r/3 Mopping and 180 r/m in Cleaning
  • Noise Level – 45 dB
  • Self Cleaning Time – 75 Sec 
  • Suction Power – 1800 Pa
  • Supported OS – Android and iOS   

Pros of Narwal Robot 

  • Many Narwal Robot Australia Reviews available online with a 3.8-star rating
  • Laser mapping technology with smart navigation
  • Mopping function comes with a self-cleaning system
  • Dedicated apps for controlling the machine in real-time 
  • Scrubs and vacuum the floor actively    
  • Large water holding tank and wastewater tank
  • Long-lasting battery life 

Cons of Narwal Robot 

  • Lacks Alexa support and Google Assistant 
  • The base station is tall
  • The application is a bit messy
  • Dust bin doesn’t empty itself 
  • Not suitable small homes and apartments 

Is Narwal Robot Legit or Scam?

Before moving to the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews section, let us determine whether it is legit or a scam. 

  • The product was available for purchase on reputed ecommerce websites, including Amazon, but currently it is unavailable here, and the reason is not clear
  • It has garnered appreciation and reviews from the customers with a 3.8-star rating out of 5 stars.
  • The product has a social presence with many comments and feedback. 
  • The seller is also very old as the domain was created on 23rd July, 1998.  

All these factors confirm that the product seems legit and not a scam. However, it is urged that customers must research the product to understand the worth of buying it for their purpose. 

What are Narwal Robot Australia Reviews?

As mentioned, we have evaluated the seller and the product online and found that it has received many appreciations and comments from the consumers. We have noticed that the product received reviews with a 3.8-star rating out of 5. 

As per the reviews from consumers, the product effectively cleans, does mopping and vacuuming any floors. The robot cleaner has many innovative functions and specifications to make the house cleaning process a breeze.

However, we have also found a 1-star rating from some consumers with negative reviews. They are not satisfied with the application, and it creates issues when controlling from the mobile app, considering the Narwal Robot Australia Reviews.

Besides, some consumers mentioned that it lacks powerful suction capacity and carpet detection and mapping are missing. So, it is urged that all consumers must do their research to understand the worth of the product in their home cleaning needs and purchase it after that to avoid scams. 

If you have been scammed online for any product, don’t worry, as there are methods to report it and check here the product’s legitimacy before buying.  


Narwal Robot T10 2-in-1 floor cleaner is the advanced and robotic cleaner to make your floor cleaning process a breeze. It is the advanced robot cleaner with many innovative functions and features.

There are mixed Narwal Robot Australia Reviews available, and hence we suggest all consumers review and research the product before buying. 

Are you already using the Narwal Robot T10 cleaner? What is your experience with the cleaner? Please share it in the comments section.      

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