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NASA Kalmus {August 2022} Climate Emergency Situation!

Peter Kalmus, or NASA Kalmus, is a Climate change Scientist and Activist. Recently his video of getting arrested got viral. Read this post to know more.

Do you know Peter Kalmus? Why is he in the news? Peter Kalmus is a Climate Scientist at NASA (Jet propulsion Laboratory). He works as a Climate change Activist in the United States and is very popular on Twitter with 290.1k followers. Peter Kalmus’s video goes viral on social media in which he locked himself in the JP Morgan Chase Building. But why does NASA Kalmus do that? To know that persist in reading.

Nasa Scientist Peter Kalmus’s Video Goes Viral

Peter Kalmus is a highly active Climate Scientist and Activist. On 6 April, over 1000 Scientists from 26 Countries gathered at JP Morgan Building to protest against the Chase Bank.

 According to Peter Kalmus and his group of worried Scientists, Fossil fuel is the significant reason for causing Global warming and Environmental Degradation. 

Chase Bank funds more finance in Fossil fuels than any other Bank. That was why Peter Kalmus locked himself and protested against Chase Bank.

Rumors of  Scientist NASA Kalmus getting arrested again

Peter Kalmus was arrested on 6 April 2022 for chaining himself to the JP Morgan Building with his Associates. 

The police officers released him and his group of Scientists after some. But the rumors of Peter Kalmus getting arrested are spreading on social media. So let us reveal that it’s “FALSE.” Peter Kalmus is not arrested again, and his old video is getting viral. 

But his arrest had not stopped him. He is still a very active Climate Scientist and Activist. He works continuously to make the General Public aware of Fossil fuel which is the leading cause of Global warming and Climate change.

Who Is NASA Kalmus?


NASA Kalmus or Peter Kalmus is a Climate Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA. He had a BA in Physics from Harvard University and later completed a Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University. 

Career and Profession

He had begun the analysis and research on Ecological Forecasting, more precisely working as a predominant investigator at NASA Grant to research and analyze the future of Coral reefs.

He has co-authored almost 100 peer-reviewed articles in Physics and Earth science.

Peter Kalmus is the author of the award-winning Book “Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution.”

Peter Kalmus As An Activist

Peter Kalmus or NASA Kalmus believes Fossil fuel significantly contributes to Global warming. Therefore, he encourages the general public to live happily without fossil fuels. 

Peter Kalmus uses only one-tenth of the Fossil fuel compared to an average American.


Summing up this post, we have informed our readers about the NASA Climate Scientist Peter Kalmus and the rumors of getting arrested again. We have also discussed his academic and professional life. If you want to know more about the viral video of Peter Kalmus, check this link- to read further details.

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