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Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021 (Aug) Read Correct Details!

This article about the Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021 will provide details of a multi-talented personality leading a successful career for nearly 60 years.

Do you like to rock & roll with the Rolling Stones? No doubt one of the main reasons for that is the energetic voice of the lead singer Mick Jagger. The band and Mick have been an all-time favorite in countries like the United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomAustralia, and many more.

So, let’s know what is Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021 after a six-decade-long career.

About the Singer

The Rolling Stone is a popular English rock band that has its origin in 1962 in London, and Mick Jagger is the lead vocalist of the band. This band is the pioneer of the techniques and sounds that have become the definition of hard rock today. Besides this, the band also explores genres like pop, blues, rock & roll, etc.

The Full name of this popular singer is Sir Michael Phillip Jagger, but like all other rockstars, he is also mostly known by his stage name. During the research of Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021, it is found that he was born on 26th July 1943 and grew up in Dartford. He left his study in the London School of Economics to pursue his music career and became a part of the Rolling Stones.

His energetic performances have always been a key attraction of the band. He has also worked in the film industry as an actor and producer. However, his personal life has always been a source of controversy in the media.

Career of Mick Jagger

Jagger started his career with the Rolling Stones and became a part of their first line-up as a vocalist. His success with the band is the chief raw material for Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021.

In that beginning, Brian Jones was the main organizer of the band. But later, when the band started creating their songs, Mick and Richard became the main driving force behind it. This duo has written most of the songs for the band, but later their relationship lost warmth.

The late 1960 has seen Jagger’s appearance in films like Ned Kelly and Performance. As an actor, he received mixed reactions. His solo career began with the album – ‘She’s the Boss’ in 1985.

He received the honor of Knight in 2003. His accolades list also includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame.

What Is The Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021?

A nearly six-decade-long career in the music and film industry has made an impressive sum for Mick Jagger to show as his net worth. As of 2021, the 78-year-old rockstar holds a net worth of $500 million. You can find out here the detailed biography of Mick Jagger 


Mick Jagger has a multi-dimensional career in the film and music industry. The controversies of personal life couldn’t distract him from his work. The golden career decorated with numerous awards and achievements reflects his hard-working and talented personality, which helped him build Net Worth Mick Jagger 2021.

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