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NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki {Jan} Find Full Schedule Here!

Know about the upcoming schedule of the NFL, about the participating team, the point spread and the anticipated winner. Read about NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki here.

Did you know NFL Playoffs 2022 is a part of the ongoing NFL playoff for the 2021 season viewed in GermanyCanada, the United Kingdom, and the United States? For the first time in the history of the NFL, 17 games in the regular-season schedule, the playoff was moved to 15th January 2022. 

Did you know that NFL is going to have a Monday playoff for the first time in thirty-years? But, first, let’s read about NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki.

The Super Wild Card Weekend:

The third week of January 2022 was the Super Wild Card Weekend as Bengals win over the Raiders, Bills over the Patriots, Buccaneers over the Eagles, 49ers over the Cowboys and Chiefs over the Steelers. 

Today on Monday, January 17, 2022, the Cardinals will come face-to-face with the Rams at 8:15 PM EST. The match will be exclusively broadcast live on ESPN, ABC and many more channels. 

Cardinals had three matches earlier with Rams, the home team. The winner will enter into a match with the Buccaneers as the NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki dates on 23rd January 2022 at Tampa Bay. Buccaneers had won the match with a 31-15 lead, defeating the Eagles on 16th January 2022. 

The Divisional Round:

After the Super Wild Card Weekend, get tuned for Divisional Round starting in the fourth week of January. The first match will be between Bengals and Titans starting at 4:35 PM EST on 22nd January 2022. 

Finally, after 31 years, the Bengals are is the Divisional Round! The second match will be between 49ers and Packers at 8:15 PM EST on the same day, according to data of NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki.

On Sunday, 23rd January 2022, stay tuned for the match between Cardinals (or) Rams (or) Buccaneers depending on who will win on 17th January 2022. The Rams had earlier defeated Buccaneers with a 38-20 lead. Bills and Chiefs will meet in the Divisional Round at 6:30 PM EST on the same day.

The Finals:

Finally, the Championship round will be on Sunday, 30th January 2022. The first AFC Championship will be at 3:05 PM EST, exclusively telecasted on CBS, and the second NFC Championship will be starting at 6:40 PM EST. 

The spread, favourite and future winners from NFL Playoffs 2022 Wiki:

Buccaneers has remained the favourite team for the NFL fans. However, after the Packers, NFL fans anticipate that the Eagles may win the Super Bowl LVI. Below is the point spread:

  • Chiefs -12.5
  • Buccaneers -8.5
  • Bengals -6.5
  • Rams -4.5
  • Bills -4.5
  • Cowboys -3.5


NFL fans hope that the Packers have more chances to win the Super Bowl LVI. The Super Bowl LVI will be held on 13th February 2022 at 6:30 PM EST between the AFC Championship winner and the NFC Championship winner at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, which will conclude the Post NFL Season.

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