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NFT Floydies (March 2022) Grab The Latest Information!

Please peruse this write-up to know about NFT Floydies, a new NFT project that claims to fight racial discrimination and spread equality through its tokens. 

Do you have a special interest in cryptocurrency? Are you eager to collect the latest and unique NFTs? Do you like virtual tokens that convey important messages to society? Then, please read this write-up and find out about one such NFT.

In this composition, we have talked about an NFT project that claims to fight social issues. Crypto enthusiasts from several countries, like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, are waiting to know more about NFT Floydies. Thus, please read on and get all details.

What are Floydies?

Floydies are Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, revolving around George Floyd, who became renowned posthumously. This was because George was an African-American Black person and was arrested for committing a crime. While arresting him, a white police officer had held him such that George succumbed to death.

We have found online that the NFT developers claim that this project is a way to raise voices against racial discrimination. They also want to spread the Black Lives Matter movement and words of equality through these collectibles.

Statistics of NFT Floydies

The developers have recently launched the Floydies on 8 December 2021. Since then, many investors have shown interest in these digitized forms of art. Therefore, please find the analytical figures attained by this NFT over the past week.

  • Number of NFTs sold – 15
  • Trading Volume – $15,600 (approximate value)
  • Average Cost – $1,038
  • 10th Percentile Cost – $267
  • 90th Percentile Cost – $2,742

The above statistics indicate that the developers have kept a broad range of the price of these NFTs. As per the information available on the Web, twelve owners currently have these collectibles, and more are expected due to the growing popularity of NFT Floydies.

Different Graphics Forms

The developers have named the NFTs according to serial numbers with a hashtag. We have described some of the forms below, according to the graphics portrayed on OpenSea.

  • #25: Pharaoh
  • #15: Wearing a Christmas cap
  • #14: Wearing a police uniform
  • #11: Wearing an astronaut’s suit
  • #2: With a chef’s cap
  • #1: Wearing a black colored mask that has BLM written on it, standing for the Black Lives Matter movement
  • #6: With an angelic halo at heaven

Social Media Presence

The developers are active in maintaining the Twitter profile of NFT Floydies. The profile currently has around two and half thousand followers. The team has shared all the newly launched NFTs on this page. They have also mentioned the ongoing auctions and minting of the collectibles. When writing this article, the latest post mentioned the release of eight new NFTs. 

The Closing Thoughts

The subject NFTs are rapidly gaining fame, evident from the bids on its collectibles. You can know the latest information about this project through Floydies’ Twitter page . However, we suggest you scrutinize the available information about these NFTs before purchasing them. 

What are your views about NFT Floydies? Please share with us in the below section.

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