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NFT Gooniez Gang {Feb} Read Market Stats Before Invest!

This article explains a digital art collection developed using Ethereum blockchain for the metaverse-based racing game. Read more on NFT Gooniez Gang.

Are you interested to know about a collection of rare digital arts trending on various social media platforms? If yes, please read this article completely to get a complete understanding of the relevant topic.

Rare digital art buyers and traders, Worldwide people are interested in collecting various tokens based on characters that have good popularity among the people. The trading feature available also helps to increase the number of buyers. Keep reading to know more details about the NFT Gooniez Gang.  

About Gooniez Gang Collection

Gooniez Gang Collection consists of various digital arts developed using cartoonist characters converted to NFTs. Gooniez Gang NFTs consist of a collection of 8,888 tokens. The token’s value varies according to the art demand on the NFT marketplace.

This NFT Collection buyer’s most significant advantage is the privilege to participate in the metaverse gaming platform with the purchased NFTs. In addition, these NFTs help the buyers participate in a game developed using web 3.0. Therefore, the strength of the gaming character determines the value of the NFT.

NFT Gooniez Gang  

  • The NFT owners can benefit from the rewards provided by the gaming platform for their gaming attribution.
  • These gained gaming rewards can then be used to upgrade the car, racing equipment, and gaming skills and tactics to improve gaming scores and performance.
  • The NFT buyers get the actual digital art in OBJ and FBX files. These files received after the purchase of NFT are digital property proof.
  • $GANG is the gaming token rewarded to the gamers for their gaming performance and platform contributions.

Market Capitalization

  • The current floor price of NFT Gooniez Gang: 0.07 ETH
  • Number of NFT owners: 36
  • Total Token Supply; 5,100
  • Market Volume: 2.45
  • Total Sales till date: 24
  • Trading Volume in 24 hours: 0.59

Founders, Investors, and Team

The official details regarding the founders, investors, and team are not mentioned on their active platforms such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Buy Gooniez Gang NFTs?

  • Gooniez Gang’s collection is listed on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea.
  • Log in using the existing log-in credentials or create a free account by submitting basic information related to the user’s identity.
  • Connect your Trustwallet or MetaMask with the OpenSea platform. Learn on NFT Gooniez Gang.
  • Load your Trustwallet or MetaMask with adequate ETH tokens.
  • Choose the required NFT from the complete NFT collections available on the platform.
  • Pay the price of the selected token in ETHs. In addition, the user must pay a small gas fee in ETHs.
  • The user receives the NFT into their connected wallet on a successful transaction.  


NFT art collection with additional earning features with the help of blockchain technology-based gaming helps the gaming community prosper using their gaming talent. To learn more on this topic, please visit.

Have you tried to buy NFT Gooniez Gang? If so, please express your valuable opinion on this topic below.  

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