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[Uncensored] No Jumper Fight Video Twitter: Check The Fight On Podcast And Viral Video Details From Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, And Tiktok

This post on No Jumper Fight Video Twitter will explain all the details about the fight between the co-host and the guest of the show No Jumper.

Do you know about the podcast named No Jumper? Have you heard about their fight with Kelpy? No Jumper Fight has caused a sensation in social media, and many people are talking about this fight. People from the United States are curious about this fight and are searching for further details. This post explains all the crucial information about the No Jumper Fight Video Twitter, so please keep reading.

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What happened in the fight video?

No Jumper is well-known for being an exciting and controversial podcast. However, the latest podcast of No Jumper broke the internet, not for its controversies but for its fight. So, the podcast had a host named Adam and a co-host named Almighty Suspect, and the podcast’s guest was Kelpy. The podcast typically started with the guest and hosts discussing his career and life when a conflict arose between the co-host and the guest. 

The argument usually started but then transformed into a heated conversation, and just in a few seconds, a Fight On Podcast broke between Kelpy and Almighty Suspect. Almighty was seen throwing punches at Kelpy. After some time, the No Jumper podcast team entered the set to stop the fight. 


We are not blaming or targeting anyone through our posts. We are presenting this article just for informative purposes.

What was the heated conversation between Kelpy and Almighty Suspect?

No Jumper was always known as the controversial podcast. However, this time it has been more than just a controversy. Some people say there have been around 16 fights in the podcast. However, if we talk about this fight, it is seen that it broke for no significant reason. Both parties were casually chatting; then, they started insulting each other. The video has been trending on Tiktok. 

After that, Kelpy was seen cussing Almighty Suspect and then Suspect got angry, and first, he spat on him and then started punching him repeatedly. The fight got intense quickly, and the people on the No Jumper set had to stop the conflict. After that, it was seen that Kelpy had several bruises on his face. 

Who is Lil Kelpy?

He is a 19-year-old social media star and rapper. He was mainly famous after coming to podcast shows like No Jumper and other YouTube podcasts. He is from Orange County, California. Many people have been talking about him on Reddit

He has released a total of seven songs on Apple Music and SoundCloud and currently has more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube. He is considered an underrated rapper, which is why he was brought to the No Jumper podcast. In the interview, he revealed some controversial post about his life and how he decided to become a rapper.

What is the No Jumper podcast?

No Jumper is a podcast which interviews underground or underrated music artists and famous social media personalities. They are quite famous and have a following of 4. 46 million subscribers on YouTube. They also have many subscribers on Telegram. This podcast was started in 2015 by Sharp and Adam John Grandmaison, now known as Adam22. 

Social media links

The fight between Lil Kelpy and Almighty Suspect has been trending on social media. 



To summarise this post, we do not support these fights, and we hope both parties are at peace and not fight anymore. Please visit this link to watch the fight video 

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No Jumper Fight Video Twitter – FAQs

Q1. What happened in the No Jumper Fight?

A fight broke out between the co-host and the special guest of the podcast.

Q2. Who started the fight first?

The co-host, Almighty Suspect, started the physical fight first by punching Kelby.

Q3. What was the primary reason for the fight?

There was no primary reason, but both parties argued and started fighting.

Q4. Who is Lil Kelby?

Lil Kelby is an underground rapper and social media personality.

Q5. What is No Jumper?

No Jumper is a podcast which interviews social media personalities and underground rappers.

Q6. Did anyone try to stop the fight?

Yes, the cast of No Jumper jumped to stop the fight; when the argument got intense, this fight got Viral On Twitter.

Q7. What was the name of the people in the fight?

One of them was Almighty Suspect, and another one was Lil Kelby.

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