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Noom Class Settlement {April 2022} A $62 Million Payout!

To know the details about the court settlement of the Health service App and its benefits to customers, read Noom Class Settlement below.

Are you a customer of the Noom health app and looking for an update on a settlement case filed by its unsatisfied customers? This news post may help you as it has all the necessary updates on the filed complaint and final settlement reached by the plaintiff and the company.

This case was filed by an aggrieved customer of a weight loss program app in the United States who was tricked by the company. Both the parties have reached a settlement, and the company is expected to pay $ 62 million in Noom Class Settlement.

Noom Health App Claim Settlement:

Health App Noom has made a settlement in court with aggrieved customers of its automatic renewal plan. Some customers on trial felt cheated as they were not ready to buy the paid subscription plan and were forced into it.

Some essential points of the settlement are listed below.

  • Customers subscribed through the company website, or mobile app are only eligible for payment.
  • The subscription plan should have been purchased between 12th May 2012 and 6th October 2020.
  •  The total agreed amount for settlement is $62 million, $56 million in payouts, and $6 million on credit to the customer.

How much will each customer get in a Noom class action Settlement?

It is to be remembered that customers who bought the plan on the company website under the class membership plan will be paid under the settlement. There are two classes under the class membership plan subclass A and subclass B.

  • For subclass A members, a payment of approximately $167 will be made.
  • Similarly, for subclass B members, a payment of $30 will be made.
  • $6 million will be paid in the form of credits to members.

Most customers didn’t receive their chargebacks and refunds from the company. People who bought their subscriptions from the play store and iTunes are not class members and are not eligible for payment under Noom class action Settlement.

Reason for Filing Complaint against Noom Health App:

According to Noon Health services, it helps people lose weight through coaching, technology, and proper guidance. Most customers were availing the trial plan but got automatically updated to class member subscription.

  • Customers could not cancel their subscription online and got updated to the premium plan.
  • They felt that the term and conditions of the subscription plan are not mentioned on the website.
  •   Auto-renewal terms of subscription were not clear for most of the customers.

After feeling cheated and tricked by the health app company, a customer filed a complaint in court.

Noom Class Settlement other benefits to customers:

  • Subclass B first 100,000 members that have filed for the claim will be eligible for free Health app product for one month.
  • At the time of redemption of the subscription, an additional month will be credited to customers.
  • For non-subscriber at the time of credit renewal promo code or voucher will be given.

Final verdict:  

Most Class members will receive the settlement notice from the company through Facebook, Instagram, or mailing services. For others, they can check the Noom website or give a call to the company at 1-844-999-246.    

Customers of Health App services can share their thoughts in the comment section of Noom Class Settlement.

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