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Pearnume com Reviews [Jan] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Pearnume com Reviews [Jan] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> A site that sells daily usable productsis reviewed by us for your help.

Do you love online shopping? Are you interested in buying daily usable products for your kitchen, garden, pets, electrical products for you, etc.? If you are a person who gets attracted to these products, try shopping from Pearnume.com. Pearnume sells quality products that you need for everyday usage like electronic products for home and garden, pets, kitchen accessories, garden tools, sports kit, etc., at cheap rates. 

Since the pandemic situation is prevailing worldwide, there are many e-commerce websites that attract you with their appealing images and offers. But it is quite essential to check if those sites are legit or not. How can you check the legitimacy of a site? Yes, we must study it against deciding factors like domain age, payment methods, location, owner information etc. Here we will present pearnume com reviews that detail the pearnume website completely for its legitimacy in the United States and worldwide. Is the site legit or not? The answer to this question is simple. Come, let’s find out!

What is pearnume.com?

Pearnume is an online retailer that claims to sell quality products for your daily use. The shop is located at pearnume.com. The site sells pet products, kitchen tools, garden accessories, sports accessories, and many more that you will get attracted in the first look itself. The pearnume.com in the United States offers many exciting deals like discounts up to 20% and free shipping above $39. The images and graphics given are quite appealing at affordable prices. Let’s see Is Pearnume com legit or not. 

Pearnume com reviews: Specifications

  • Type: Ecommerce retailer
  • Location: pearnume.com
  • Initiated in: June, 2020
  • Products: kitchen tools, electronic items, garden products, products for pets
  • Located at: mymacloth.com
  • Started in: October 2020
  • Products available: Tops, bottoms, winter wear, daily wear clothes, outwear, jewelry, lingerie and shoes
  • Return Policy: you can return within 30 days of receiving the product.
  • Standard shipping: worldwide shipping
  • Shipping days: 10-20 business days
  • Social media access: nil
  • Payment: PayPal 
  • Email address: shelleyjenki87@gmail.com
  • Telephone: not provided 

Pros of mymacloth.com

  • Pearnume has secured domain name with HTTPS encryption.
  • Wide range of products

Cons of mymacloth.com

  • The contents in the site are copied.
  • Social media presence is not present.
  • No location address provided
  • There is no person of contact

Is Pearnume com legit?

A site’s legitimacy is decided not by its attractiveness but by factors like domain age, location address, payment methods, and many more. Pearnume.com has a domain age of 6months; 14days.It is said that a domain age of less than six months is considered a scam. In this case Pearnume.com can be either legit or not. So let’s move on to other factors.The contents on the website play a major role in deciding site legitimacy. Fake contents are not suitable for the site . Pearnume com reviews say that the content on the site are copied, and hence the location can’t be put under the legit category. Also, there is no social media presence anywhere mentioned on the site.

Social media presence says the transparency in dealing with customers. But without social media presence, we must say that the site is a scam and don’t want to display their processes. We couldn’t find any exact location for the pearnume shop, which means there is no evidence that it is truthful to the customers. The only payment option available on the site is PayPal, which is not the right choice for many individuals that choose to buy from the site.By considering all these factors, we have come to the conclusion that pearnume com is not a legit site.

What customers say about the pearnume.com?

Customer reviews are quite critical in deciding site legitimacy. Pearnume com reviews show that there are no custom reviews on the website. The absence of customer reviews shows that there is nothing to be shown off to other users. This is a warning signal that you should stay away from the site for further purchase.  

Take away

We have analyzed every factor in this pearnume com reviews to decide it’s legitimacy. Who doesn’t love online shopping that you use daily? The factors showed that pearnume.com is not legitimate to use, and you should be aware of while purchasing from them. Never get trapped in the fake appealing images provided on the site. It is your responsibility to check the legitimacy of each site. We have down our part. Now it’s your turn!

0 thoughts on “Pearnume com Reviews [Jan] Trustworthy or a Hoax

  1. Its a fake company i ordered a toy truck dec 18 never arrived paid extra for shipping. They give u a bogus tracker and when u email they take emails then say wait a few days they then delete u and block u from there page if u leave a review …TOTALLY FAKE

  2. I ordered a monster truck they took my money but never paid me at the shipping says it’s being shipped has anybody else got any of their items yet

    1. I ordered 2 trucks and they just arrived. NOT the truck they showed, it’s about 6″ high. False advertising to say the least and was charged $ 53.98

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