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Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews {Dec} Should You Use It?

Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews {Dec} Should You Use It? -> If your hunger for eating ice cream is never-ending, read this review post to find out information on a website selling organic icecream.

Are you afraid of giving your kids ice creams because it’s not full of all nutrients? What if you come to know that there’s an ice cream brand that mixes a blend of veggies in the ice cream? And if this brand is offering such delicious ice creams with different veggies flavor, you should not miss checking Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews

We have gone through the website- https://eatpeekaboo.com/ and checked it properly to help you decide if you can trust this United States-based online store selling ice creams. 

What is eatpeekaboo.com? 

It is a great and different website established by a mother whose family adores healthy and delicious ice cream and who needed to ensure she is maintaining a balance between the sweetener and healthy food. With this, she comes up with the idea of mixing veggies with delicious ice cream flavors. 

The website owner used her creative mind to run with this inquiry, and it gave her a completely new and inventive idea. Up to this point, Peekabo has created five organic flavors. Chocolate ice cream comes with a blend of shrouded cauliflower, strawberry has concealed carrot, and in the same way, your other favorite ice cream flavors have a unique touch of veggies. Once you check Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviewsyou will come to know if your kids will like veggie flavored and organic ice cream or not. 


  • Url: https://eatpeekaboo.com/
  • Type: Icecream Store
  • Icecream flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Unicorn, Cotton Candy, etc. 
  • Payment options: Not given on the site
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook and Instagram
  • Email: carrots@peekabooicecream.com
  • Phone number: 305-204-2445 


  • All the flavors of ice cream organic in nature
  • All 5 was introduced by Peekaboo have healthy veggies mixture in some of the other way.
  • We found Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews from some parents who praised the ice creams. 
  • The ice creams sold by this website are being reviewed on websites like Forbes with positive feedback. 
  • You will also found the Peekaboo ice creams on Shark Tank. 
  • No artificial colors or flavors are added to the ice creams.


The combination of ice cream flavors and veggies are not liked by many kids. Rigid shipping policiesNot many followers on Facebook 

Is Peekaboo ice cream legit? 

As we found a lot of queries from the United States where people want to know true Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviewswe have done an in-depth investigation to reveal the truth. Our research says that the domain of this website was created two years back in 2018. 

Since then, the website is it trying to gain popularity all over the USA by serving organic and delicious ice creams. The website is quite popular, and you will find their page on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we were able to find out much good feedback from customers. Most parents are in love with this ice cream as every print has the taste and flavor of veggies, which is suitable for the children. We are in favor of this website and declare it as a legit one. 

What are Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews? 

You may believe that any icecream with veggies in it would be knotty and clumpy, not so with this scrumptious icecream. Some of the customers who have shared their feedback have stated that the consistency is thick, creamy, and delightful. 

Every now and again, when they eat any other ice cream, it tastes excessively sweet and infrequently unleashes destruction with their glucose. Surprisingly, it doesn’t happen with peekaboo ice cream. It is delightful yet additionally feels significant (presumably in view of the vegetables in it) and doesn’t impact your blood sugar level. However, we collected a handful of negative customer reviews, where people found the taste of the ice cream pathetic. 

Final Insight

As discussed, there are many organisations coming up with different ideas for selling gourmet food items. Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews state that this website is also gaining popularity among the people of the USA. They are buying this ice cream because of its organic and veggies blend

Though positive feedback was collected, there are some customers who are not satisfied with the taste of ice cream. It entirely depends on people’s taste and choice to pick any product; the same will be the case of picking this organic ice cream. However, we consider it a good site. 

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