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Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant {Jan} Game Zone Information

This article stretches exhaustive familiarity to make awareness about Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant. It also points out the data to find it.

Are you a hard-core fan of the Roblox Pet Simulator game? Do you follow all the updates? Then, we believe that you would know about Traveling Merchant’s latest news. Is it? If not, we advise reading the below article; for more information about Traveling Merchant. 

Players Worldwide are always eagerly waiting to get through Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant

However, it seems the awareness of Traveling merchants are fewer. So, it is essential to dig into it more for extra-ordinary benefits in the game.

Let us now dive and grab the knowledge. 

What is a Traveling Merchant?

Traveling Merchant plays an essential role in Roblox. It is a shop available; on the game from 4th September 2021. It spawned at Shop biome. 

This Traveling Merchant arrives at the non-scheduled time and is available for 20 minutes or sometimes a few hours. 

Chat Messages pop up when a Traveling Merchant has arrived. It stays for at least 10 minutes before departing. Let us know more about Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant below.

Why Traveling Merchants?

Traveling Merchant supports the Roblox Simulator X players for purchasing several types of pets at a reasonable price in the sale. 

The Merchants come and go randomly thereby, making the pets rare. It is the new path for all players to acquire pets. 

What are the offers?

Traveling merchants offer three different pets to the players. 

It includes Rainbow variation, Golden variation, and Norma variation. All these pets are hatched, from the equivalent or far better eggs. 

Traveling Merchant’s arrival is unknown. Sometimes it stays for long, and sometimes Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant vanishes for long.

Players can accomplish three different high-profile pets for purchasing. One of the high-level pets in traveling merchants is Mythical Rainbow Variation. Its cost is as high as Diamonds.

What is respect in Traveling Merchants?

Players can purchase Pets from Traveling Merchants after reaching the Respect Level in Roblox Pet Simulator X. 

The Respect Level is acquired; by trading with the merchant. You need to unlock this leveling system for additional pets over three slots.

Higher Respect level supports to appear on rarer pets. Each level can store up to 2 to 6 pets before stocks.

Where to find Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant?

The players can avail Traveling Merchant in the Spawn World. However, notice that it is not always available on all the servers. You need to server hop to find a Traveling Merchant for yourself. 

Pets in Traveling Merchant cost around 100,000 Gems and are up to 24 million gems. To purchase it, make sure you have the required respect level.

Note: All the information obtainable in this article is from the web.


Players are crazy to acquire the random arrival Traveling Merchants. Pet Sim X Traveling Merchant does not have limited pets. So, you need to try your luck and be fast to acquire them in your game.

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