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Pet Simulator X Dominus {August 2021} Checkout here!

Pet Simulator X Dominus {August 2021} Checkout here! >> Read about the latest and exciting game launched online on Roblox platform. It’s all about new casual pet games.

There is a new version of the game launched on the Roblox platform! Did you know about such a new game? It is a new casual game! Do you like to buy pets that accompany you on your journey? Do you like to see your name flashing on the global scoreboard?

Pet Simulator X Dominus is the 2nd version released Worldwide on 29th July 2021 at 11:00 A.M. CST on the Roblox platform. Before you spend your precious time on this game, do you want to know if it is worth playing this game? So, let’s check out facts about this game.

What is Pet Simulator X?

Erik Cassel and David Baszucki originally developed the concept and the game in the LUA programing language. The game deals with upgrading pets to increase their value. The more value of pets you have, the better rank you get on the global scoreboard.

Exiting features of Pet Simulator X Dominus:

  • There are 37 different types of pets dominus and ten different types of eggs dominus
  • There is mini, regular, omega and mega chests with different amount of money and HP.
  • There are two types of coin boosts and two types of diamond boosts
  • There are different areas to explore. For example, the beach, the coal mine etc.
  • You can fuse different pets to get a new pet.

Activites in Pet Simulator X:

It would help if you got a pet dominus initially to start collecting coins

Your avatar can move around to collect orbs floating in the air. More about Pet Simulator X Dominus follows.

After collecting coins, you need to buy new pets and also upgrade existing ones. You can upgrade pet dominus speed and strength. With each pet dominus upgrade, the pets will grab coins, chests and gifts at a higher speed. You can also upgrade pet dominus storage, orbs reach area and collecting more diamonds in a single go.

While you buy eggs, you get basic, rare (or) legendary pets. Legendary pets are the highest ranked in the game and will increase your score on the global scoreboard.

It would be best to buy an ultra lucky timer pack in Pet Simulator X Dominus to increase your chances of getting legendary pets.

By entering new areas, you get more coins, more orbs, more diamonds and better gifts. You have various milestones to achieve, such as collecting 20 eggs, etc. You can trade pets for better once (or) even return unwanted pets.

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It is an easy game for people who want to see their names on the global scoreboard. Just keep collecting coins and upgrading your pets, abilities, and game area. Each upgrade unfolds new things to explore. But, people who like to play more action games may not find Pet Simulator X Dominus interesting

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