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Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes {Oct} Collect To Redeem!

This article on Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes gives information on the latest and active codes released by BIG Games for Pet Sim X on 2nd October.  

The new update in Pet Simulator X was released on Saturday, 02/Oct/2021. Steampunk is a unique area launched in Pet Sim X. With a long list of improvements in the game; the BIG Games has also released two new codes. Currently, ONLY these two new codes are working in the game.

Would you like to know more about the Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes for Steampunk? For the fans in the Philippines, we bring the article below with all the details.

What is Steampunk?

It is a new area added to the Tech world. Steampunk has a big chest of rewards that you need to claim and farm. The Steampunk area has a black background with industrial looks. The ground floor of the buildings on the site looks like factories with red, orange and yellow coloured flames coming out.

In contrast, the upper part of the Steampunk area has a golden color and lights. It gives a perfect look to suit the name Steampunk. The Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes update was released with additional updates delivered below:

  • Two new EGGS – Punk egg and Mechanical. Both the eggs can be purchased from the Tech Shop.
  • Fifteen new pets – It consists of Mythical Blimp Dragon and a few other pets. 

Two new ranks to achieve – The first one is Insane Hacker, and the other is The Best. The Best Rank will give you 3x Triple Coins, 100,000 Diamonds, 2x Super Lucky, 3x Triple Damage and 2x Ultra Lucky. The rewards for Insane Hacker are yet awaited.

  • Tier 5 pet collection – You can get additional slots if you collect more than 650 pets in the game.
  • Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes update also came with a twenty percent extra coin boost for each of your friends on the server.
  • The new update has added more achievements.
  • Fifteen pets are included as a permanent item in the shop.
  • Legendary pets are ten times more hatchable in the game.
  • UX for opening the eggs is updated.
  • Numbers on the Leader board are rounded off, and only the first three digits are displayed.
  • The price of the booster pack is lowered. Instead of 1099 Robux, you may purchase it for only 999 Robux

Below are the TWO Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes:

  • ‘steampunk pets’ for three times the triple coin boosts; especially released with Steampunk area update on 02/Oct/21
  • ‘700kDiamonds’ for 25K diamonds on the occasion of BIG Games Pet Sim X receiving 700K likes 
  • BIG Games will release a new code ONCE THEY RECEIVE 750K LIKES.


The ‘steampunk pets’ and ‘700kDiamonds’ are the only codes currently being accepted. It would cost 75 million tech coins to buy the Steampunk area and another 625K tech coins to purchase a site to reach Steampunk. So, in Steampunk, open the EXCLUSIVE SHOP, click on the redeem game codes option to enter these TWO Pet Simulator X Steampunk Codes

Would you like to visit the BIG Games Twitter page for the latest codes? Let us know your experience with Steampunk. 

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