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Picksof.Com Reviews {April} – Is It Legit Store Or Not?

Picksof.Com Reviews {April} – Is It Legit Store Or Not? >> Read this post and know more about the hidden facts about this store. You will be able to get all answers here in this post.

A few sites are defrauding individuals in another manner; they will take your request and send you unfit or that kind of item that you will regret. If you guarantee a discount, at that point, they will discount half of the value you paid, and if you ask them for a complete refund, then they will not respond to you. This kind of example is fundamentally the same as in the vast majority to trick consumers. But what if you come in the trap of this kind of site? It is essential to maintain distance from such websites.

Several articles are available over the internet sharing about Picksof.com reviews. However, people are still in doubt and having a question; is picksof.com legit or not. 

This article consists of the facts about the website and provides you with detail. We will cover the focuses and give you the best possible thought of its authenticity. These days it is easy to make an extortion site; these individuals take after all the pictures and results of the real site and will present to you as an official site. 

Fundamentally, you ought to keep away from such sort of sites that don’t have any social media awareness. If you have, checked their client surveys, evaluations, likes, and aversion. It will assist you in getting an idea regarding the site.

What is picksof.com?

Picksof is an online e-commerce store having varieties of fashion wears for women like sneakers, designer boots, tops, V-neck sweatshirts, jeans, and celebrities fashion wears. They have wide assortments of items with different sizes, example, design, and hues. They also sell full sleeves shirts in casuals and formals for women.

They are offering enormous discounts on all items; you can get up to half discounts on all items. A confirm discount of 30% is material in all items. You can also get more offers and discounts if you sign up and make an account on the website.

The website is not having any social media account, which is not a good sign. It is not a United State site. The address mentioning on the website is of China. So if you return the product, you have to send it back to China. The website is designed like it is an American website because the models and presentation is matching the same as most of the fake sites. They have SSL encryption, which means you will face no issue regarding purchasing online. 

In the digital platform, any e-commerce website will try to approach maximum customers either by having a social media account or by providing external links. But this online store lacks in both this parameter, spicksof.com reviews by the customers is also not found positive, it is not a good sign.

Features and benefits (pros and Cons of Picksof.com)

Pros of Picksof

  • You can get up to half of the discounts on all items; you can get at least 20% fixed markdown on any item. 
  • If you make an account on a website, then you will get a chance to earn more profit and offers.
  • The company is also having a wide range of swimwear, skirts, and designer tops and bottom of the beach.
  • They have wide varieties of items in ladies footwear and designer shoes.
  • The website encrypted with SSL, which means no harm in a transaction; it is secure.

 Cons of Picksof

  • They have no social media presence
  • The company address is in China, so if you received any faulty product, then you have to send it back to China.
  • They don’t have enough external links, which is not a good sign of trustworthy websites.
  • Many customers complain about the site of not receiving the product.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • The crossing out of the item can be made before the shipment of the item. The company will not be responsible if you cancel the product after the shipment done     
  • The company won’t acknowledge the issue if it is harmed or hampered 
  • You can restore the item inside 30 days from the date of buying; however, the item ought to be in its unique condition. 
  • All the item will be sent to you by the standard conveyance framework 
  • The company takes orders from outside the nation, yet the import charge is to be pay by the client as it were. 

Final Verdict

The facts provided in this article are solely based on public interest; all the information are outcome of research and picksof.com reviews provided by the customers. We are not defaming or endorsing the website; it is up to you and your choice.

0 thoughts on “Picksof.Com Reviews {April} – Is It Legit Store Or Not?

  1. I ordered an Xbox and the website is a scam and fraudulent website do not trust the website at all anything you buy it’s not worth that cheap to e scammed please DO NOT buy from that website at all

  2. Definitely a scam, I was at work and rushed into buying something without reviewing, which I do not normally do… But definitely after receiving a fake tracking number and not and package, plus no attempt to reply to my seems to contact them or cancel purchase. This place is definitely a scam, and PayPal supports them and won’t help to dispute charges.

    1. I finally had UPS send me an email saying that the tracking number didn’t belong to me or my address. They are still “reviewing” it; however, the UPS weight was .5 lbs and I ordered over 10 lbs. Paypal has been supporting them, but I hope the UPS email works. Keep trying. Paypal fraud specialist even confirmed that they had several disputes regarding my product from this seller, but they still denied it. I contacted UPS at their fraud email.

    I placed an order on their website and paid for it with paypal. They gave me a fake tracking number. When I tried to track it thru UPS it said it was delivered. When I investigated further I found the tracking number was from a different seller to a different buyer. This was clearly the wrong tracking number. I tried to contact them several times for the correct tracking information and they never responded.
    I then filed a dispute with Paypal and lost because the seller provided proof that that fraudulent tracking number showed delivered. I think this is a scam to get around Paypal’s buyer protection policy and Paypal protected them while doing so. NOT ME! I have never received a package and Paypal isn’t worth a darn!

  4. Scam! Took my $85 placed my order March 22 and cant call this company and they dont answer emails. Total scam!

  5. Bought a trampoline in a rush was listed for $74.95. PayPal sent a tracking number which said it was delivered and the package was 0.60lbs. Mind you- this is a 14ft trampoline. I instantly knew. A few days later now a week from when I bought it my bank account had $127.47 taken out from a place in China. I called my bank and they tried but nothing. So we are down $127.47 for something that was suppose to be $74.

  6. Placed an order totaling over $60 and received a cheap hair tie/bracelet with from BFE Corporate from San Leandro which they then used to claim tracking info with. Never received what I actually ordered.

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