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Plant A Tree Co Scam {Nov} Know The Fact Behind It!

The article on Plant a Tree Co Scam talks about a trend of planting trees that was a scam. Read the article to know more.

Have you followed the recent trend of posting pet pictures? Was the trend where you have to post a picture with a pet a scam? 

Launching trend campaigns is a phenomenon these days. They are often known tools to create noise and to make an impact. With social media, you can share your campaign and reach a much larger audience from Canada, Australia, United States and anywhere around the world. Know about the Plant a Tree Co Scam.

Social Media

Social media is a medium where individuals can share their experiences, opinions and activities through a message accessed publicly by the general public. Thus, people can connect, make friends, discover and share information about their interests, etc.

The power of social media lies in the ability to create an interactive environment and in its “real-time” nature where the results of an activity can be immediately visible to all. Everything can be used for good or bad purposes just like social media. Unfortunately, some people use it for bad and illegal purposes and use it for their gain at the expense of other people.

Plant a Tree Co Scam

There was a trend on instagram recently “We’ll Plant one tree for every pet picture.” This trend went viral overnight, and people across the globe posted pictures of their pets and followed the trend. 

Approximately more than 4.1 million people took part in the trend. They followed the trend on the pretext of planting trees. And that is a good cause as we all know the world is facing the problems of deforestation.

But who would have known that the company started this trend has a scamming history? The account that created this viral trend sticker has been accused of operating instagram scam accounts.

More Details

Plant a Tree Co Scam, and the account is ‘Plant a tree co.’ They said that we had no idea it would go viral, and they immediately deleted the post in 10 minutes, but the sticker was shared many times already because they do not have the resources to plant this many trees. They also mentioned that it was for fundraising purposes.

Further, they claimed that the sticker creating credit was removed because of a bug in Instagram. The legit fundraisers and non-profit organizations had nothing to do with this trend. A fundraiser called “Trees for future” was a real trend like this, and it was not correlated.

Plant a Tree Co Scam might appear harmless, and just like any other misleading trend, everything has its repercussions. And it was indeed a scam. Now they are not responding to the request of the people. 


No scam can be a harmless scam. Even if it doesn’t cost a penny to a person, the fact that it’s a scam will remain the same. The trick is to coerce people so convincingly that they believe it. That’s the whole game of a scam. Time lost on something irrelevant is also a cost.

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