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Pnpdims Com {May} Read And Collect Details On AFP, PNP!

This post on Pnpdims com will guide the readers on all the updates regarding the PNP and AFP. Get detailed information here.

Are you aware of the past situation in the Philippines? The ceasefire between the insurgents and government troops was getting dimmer, and people were searching for all the updates on the online sites. This post on Pnpdims com will update you regarding the situation between the insurgents and what were the thoughts of the communist party there.

This post is going to be informative for all those who have a keen interest in knowing what the situation was in that nation.

What was the situation among the armed forces?

The armed forces were sentenced to attacks by the NPA, that is, New People’s Academy. This is because the soldiers were conducting a mission regarding humanitarianism in Northern Samar. Pancratius Cascolan, the DOP, said the police officials were ready to launch combat patrols along with Army Troops.

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Cascolan stated that high commands of the PNP have organised all the manoeuvres and tactics units for an offensive against the NPA. On the other hand, the founder of the communist party, Jose Maria Sison, claimed that NPA agreed to defend itself and prevent government operations.

Moreover, the police officials and military did not feel that a Christmas ceasefire was needed this year. Furthermore, the former chief of PNP, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, said that there is no requirement for a Christmas truce as the President has himself mentioned all the insurgents as arsonists.

Combatting Patrols

Police commanders were ordered to launch the prophylactic and preventive combat patrols with AFP. As per Pnpdims com statements, the NPA revolutionaries are known to launch ambuscades, sabotage, and raids. According to Cascolan, the offence is preferred over the defence. Military officials believed that the situation would be at its peak during the 49th anniversary. This anniversary is marked on December 26.

Thus the situation could become worse anytime as the officials declared the CPP and the NPA as the bomber organizations. Although the ceasefire became dimmer, nothing was confirmed as it could turn into violence anytime. Note that all the details are from online sources, we are not assuring or promoting it.

Sison also said that NPA would perform its best and would do counter-offensives. As per Pnpdims com, there is a sense of arrogance among the NPA, and military operations are futile this time. Please check this link to get more updates on PNP and AFP


Wrapping this content, we have informed our readers of the previous situations of NPA and AFP. The rebels were arrogant, and the situation could become worse anytime. Although, the leaders have put their ideologies on the respective grounds. As per online sources,the NPA was identified as a terrorist, which is unbearable to them. The readers are waiting for more updates on this ceasefire that have become dimmer. 

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