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Point Frederick Kingston {April} Full Accident Detail

The article is about Point Frederick Kingston. Get all the details about the accident that happened near RMC college. 29 April, at around 2:00 Am.

Did you hear about the accident that took place at Point Frederick? Four people were killed in an accident, identified as cadets at college Royal Military in Canada. The accident was reported around 2:00 pm. Several people are searching for the details and identities of those who died during the accident. The incident happened on Friday night near the college.

Here, we will provide all the in- depth details about the Point Frederick Kingston accident.

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Details about Accident

A car accident happened on 29 April 2022 around 2:00 am at Point Frederic around RMC. The vehicle submerged into the water, including four boys from RMC college. Ontario coroner’s officers and Kingston police arrived at the scene and loaded the body in the van near RMC’s Fredrick Museum Fort.

Frontenac Paramedics ensured that the four boys were given treatment at the accident spot, but no one was taken to the hospital. As per the Whig-Standard, the cops said that Kingston cops are on the accident spot to assist Forces National Canadian Investigation Service, the investigation agency.

Kingston Whig Standard

As per The Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper, the cadets died after their vehicles drove into the water. Emergency services were phoned to reach Drive point Frederick at 2:00 am to rescue the motor vehicle colliding in the water. The commandant of the college, Josee Kurtz, identified the four boys as fourth-year cadets Andrei Honciu, Andres Salek, Jack Hogarth, and Broden Murphy.

Commodore Kurtz stated that the whole RMC community is shattered by the unfortunate loss of four cadet officers. CFNIS is investigating the matter with the assistance of Kingston police. More information about the accident has to be released in the upcoming days, the cops said. The Point Frederick Kingston accident is currently in the initial stage, and no further information can be furnished currently.

More details on Kingston Accident

The accident near RMC took the life of four young military students. The students were two boys from RMC college. The vehicle entered the water after leaving the road, as per the reports. The vehicle drove to the St. Lawrence River. The vehicle was identified as dark green, and a yellow-colored crane was lifting the vehicle from the river.

This year Jack Hogarth, Andress Salek, and Andrei Honciu had begun their training for the army. One of the boys from the Point Frederick Kingston accident, Broden Murphy, wanted to become a controller aerospace environment from which he was graduating from RMC.


The article elaborates on the accident at 2:00 am on 29 April. The people were identified as students of RMC college. The investigation is currently going on. The information about the accident is mentioned in this article. Further information will be released soon. Visit this page to know more about the accident on Whig-Standard.

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