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Pokemon BD and SP Event (Nov 2021) Read Updates Now!

Article discovers the facts for an upcoming event by Pokemon Go, revealing the details for its arrival and end related to Pokemon BD and SP Event

Are you a Pokemon Go Fan? Are you looking out for the list of events and research tasks for the platform? What do Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl stand for?

In this article, we will reveal the details for this Pokemon Go event and the research tasks organized by the same. People Worldwide have shown their interest in the game, looking out for its facts and details.

Please scroll down to the headers mentioned below to know about Pokemon BD and SP Eventrevealing all it offers to its players!

What do SP and BD events stand for?

The list of events has hit Pokemon Go Platform this week, celebrating the release of Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. They have also introduced the various numbers of hat-wearing Pokémon’s with multiple costumes that belong to Gen 4.

All these Pokemon characters are therefore required to complete the given collection challenge. While searching out for these Pokémon’s, you need to complete all the extensive research tasks provided by the platform that will help you with some Pokemon Encounters.

Pokemon BD and SP Event Rewards and Collection Challenge List:

As part of this Pokemon event, you need to find six costumed Pokémon’s that belong to the starters pack of Gen 4. Players need to find all of them before the last date of the events, as these will keep on adding Ongoing collection to your list for medal progress.

The SP and BD collection, therefore, rewards you with:

  • Chimchar Shown Wearing Luca’s hat: Field Research Part 2 and Wild Encounter Part 1.
  • Tutwig Shown Wearing the Luca’s Hat: Field Research Part 2 and Wild Encounter Part 1.
  • Piplup Shown Wearing Dawn’s Hat: Field Research Part 1 and Wild Encounter Part 2.

Pokemon BD and SP Event Rewards have, therefore, more to the list other than these.

  • Tutwig Reflected Wearing Dawn’s Hat: Field Research Part 1 and Wild Encounter Part
  • Chimchar Reflected Wearing Dawn’s Hat: Field Research Part 1 and Wild Encounter Part

After collecting all these, you will have an increased Collection Challenge Model by multiple times along with additional rewards for 3000 Stardust, 1000 XP, and a frostless encounter.

What is the arrival time for Part 1 and Part 2?

The SP and BD event, also called Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Event, have their estimated arrivals on Friday 19th November. Pokemon BD and SP Event will arrive on Titular Games that are part of the Nintendo Switch.

Therefore, part 1 for the BD theme will release from 16th November to 18th November, and part 2 for the same will release from 18th November to 21st November.

Final Verdict:

After exploring all the details for this platform and revealing the essential facts for its events, we have a summarised version of this blog. Check here the details on ways To Complete the SP and BD event. Please comment your views below about this article on Pokemon BD and SP Event in the given comments section below.

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