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Pokemon Climax Vmax (Dec) Here’s All You Need To Know!

Are you curious to know the new release of the Pokemon Climax Vmax cards? Then read the below post.

Are you a huge fan of Pokemon Games? If so, do you know Pokemon has recently revealed all the regular cards details from VMAX Climax? If you are here to get the complete details of VMAX Climax cards, stick to the guide until the end. 

VMAX Climax is the name of the eighth Japanese subset launched during the Sword and Shield Era of the Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) that features the symbol “S8b”. 

To get interesting details and facts of Pokemon Climax Vmax, which is on high trend Worldwide, read the complete post without a miss. 

Introduction to Pokemon Vmax Climax

Japan’s next High-Class pack launched recently, on December 3, 2021, Manifesting VMAX Climax. These booster boxes will give players a similar card collection from previous sets along with the exciting yet new chase cards. This article will take you through all the amazing details of Vmax Climax cards. 

For traditional Japanese and Chinese releases boxes, each includes 10 booster packs. Every booster contains 11 exciting cards, with 1 Holofoil Energy card and 1 either a Vmax, Pokémon V, or V-UNION. Whereas Thai releases of Pokemon Climax Vmax box contain twenty booster packs, and every booster box includes 5 cards, with 1 card having R Rarity or above for sure.

VMAX Climax was released today, on December 3, around Japan and not on the west side, so suppose you stay out of Japan but want to collect it; you are likely required to check online retailers.

Players Worldwide are curious to know the set of Vmax Climax cards, so we have researched and brought you the right information; please go through the below segment without fail.

Pokemon Climax Vmax Main Set

Get the important details and facts of the Vmax Climax card in the below section:

  • Vmax Climax is an annual Japan’s “reprint” set containing notable cards from last year. 
  • Each pack of this will include a chase card for sure: a V-UNION, Pokemon V, secrete rare or VMAX.
  • Every booster box costs 5,500 yen. It contains ten booster packs, and every pack contains 11 cards.
  • The Secret rare’s sets feature “Character Rares,” introduced in Dream League in 2019. 
  • These complete art cards feature a Pokémon Trainer. 
  • There are only 15 Pokemon Climax Vmax new cards. Duraludon VMAX, Hoopa, and Rayquaza VMAX have new art versions, which means there are 21 new cards to collect. 
  • Cherubi, Snorunt, Eiscue, Morpeko V-UNION, Mimikyu VMAX, Alcremie, Druddigon, and Galar Friends are the few Vmax Climax New card names. You may get the complete card details here

Take Away

The set was released on December 3 in Japan. VMAX Climax launched is currently available in Japan. Each pack has 11 cards, with one guaranteed rare card, and character cards are a ton of reprints from previous Sword and Shield era sets.

Suppose you wish to collect Pokemon Climax Vmax; you need to search for an online retailer or contact the resale market.

Which is your favorite card in the Pokemon game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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