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Poppy Playtime Horror Game {Oct 2021} Get Full Details!

This article helps you to guide about the Poppy Playtime Horror Game and more basics about the game.

Do you like horror shows, movies, series, and games? Are you the one who is always thrilled about horror things in every situation? Have you heard about the Poppy Playtime Horror Game? Let us clarify a little bit. It is a short, fascinating, and new horror game that shook gamers across the globe. 

It is a United States-based game that consists of horror, puzzles, stories, mystery, and exploration. You have to resist, stay active, and don’t get snapped till the end. Let’s get to know more about this thrilling fun!

What Is This Game About? 

People, especially children, are so exhausted from playing old school games that they need some change. Games should not be tiring and outdated at all. So, the Poppy Playtime Horror Game came into existence as a fresh idea to make people stay refreshing, frightening, and extraordinary till the end. 

The game offers more than a usual horror background and focuses on vast facets too. It comprises basic, tough, and amazingly challenging puzzles. The stories and other elements are in 3D mode, and you have to explore a huge and obsolete 3D toy factory with lots of enjoyment. 

It would help if you had some queries regarding this new leisure for sure. We have tried to resolve them below

Some Important Keys for the Game-

  • The span of the game is 40-60 minutes for new entertainers.
  • Poppy Playtime Horror Game costs $4.99.
  • You cannot buy this as of now, but you can wish to list it on Steam.
  • The release date isn’t known presently. Maybe at the end of this year, it will be disclosed.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot play this without a computer.
  • Formulated and broadcasted by MOB Games
  • The forum of this is Microsoft Windows
  • And it falls under the genre of Indie and action entertainment with adventure.

To get ready for this fun game, you must have some availability in your system. Let’s check them out-


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating structure.
  • OS- Windows 10
  • Processor- Intel Core i5
  • Presently, the Poppy Playtime Horror Game is on the heavier side.
  • Memory- 8 GB RAM
  • Storage- 10 GB available space

After watching the trailer, people have shared their valuable Analyses/Reviews, which are mentioned below-

  • “Brief but joyous. I think it’s worth getting now, as it will get more divisions in the future.”
  • “This game already has so much capacity. Some portions of the game resulted in frame drops. Overall it was pretty good, can’t wait for the second chapter.”
  • “Terrifying. I like it. The music is excellent.
  • “This game is incredible. I’m not usually frightened of horror games, but this one is the one.”


As a concluding thought, the Poppy Playtime Horror Game is uniquely brought up to the audience as the indie horror space. This particular game is not stimulated by any other game purposely. If there’s anything that seems like another one, it was either coexistence or subconscious.

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