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Prachiworld In Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Site Or Not

Read Prachiworld in Reviews in this write-up to determine the authenticity of Prachiworld.in. Also, learn exclusive facts about Prachiworld.in.

Are you looking to buy household utilities, gadgets, and dry fruits online in India. Would you like to receive free delivery? Would you like to shop from an e-store selling products at low factory prices (or) at wholesale rates?

Did you know that Prachiworld.in is offering products at the lowest prices? But, before purchasing, do you like to review the shopping website to check its legitimacy? Then, read about Prachiworld in Reviews below.


Prachiworld.in is a newly launched commercial website with a diversified collection of products on sale. 

Further analysis of Prachiworld.in showed that a significant part of website content was copied from banarasifab.com. Its mission statement is generic and stolen from several websites selling artwork. 

The specified physical address is for a shop and is found on several websites. Hence, the address does not pertain to Prachiworld.in. All the policy content on banarasifab.com is unorganized, unclear and the shipping policy is redundant.

Prachiworld.in features:

  • 80 Kitchen utilities
  • 169 Kidswear
  • 17 Bluetooth gadgets
  • 206 shoes
  • 33 bi-cycles
  • 19 types of dry fruits
  • 56 kids toys
  • 6 mystery boxes

Features determining Is Prachiworld in Legit:

Buy household utilities and electronics at: https://prachiworld.in.

  • Social media Links: unspecified at Prachiworld.in.
  • Price: starts from ₹139.00
  • Physical Address: #54 Adarsh Market, Surat-395011.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: only customer reviews are included on Prachiworld.in.
  • Terms and Conditions: mentioned but plagiarized on Prachiworld.in.
  • Privacy policy:  mentioned but plagiarized on Prachiworld.in.
  • Phone (or) whatsapp number:  not mentioned on Prachiworld.in.
  • Store locator: Prachiworld.in did not feature a store locator.
  • Delivery Policy: orders are delivered within 20 days by Prachiworld.in.
  • Shipping Policy: Prachiworld.in takes four days of processing time. Shipment charges apply for orders below ₹499. Prachiworld.in also ships internationally.
  • Prachiworld in Reviews on Tracking: not possible at Prachiworld.in.
  • Cancellation: Orders need to be canceled within 24Hrs by emailing Prachiworld.in customer service.
  • Return Policy: Prachiworld.in allows ten days to return the items.
  • Refunds Policy: unspecified at Prachiworld.in.
  • Email address: Prachiworld@gmai.com.
  • Mode of Payment: Cashfree, Visa, PayPal, Stripe, CoD, MasterCard, MastroCard, Amex, all major Debit cards, Net Banking, and all major Wallets in INR.
  • Help and FAQ: unspecified on Prachiworld.in.
  • Newsletters: not supported by Prachiworld.in.


  • Comprehensive payment options are offered at Prachiworld.in
  • Free shipment supported on Prachiworld.in
  • Products are available at unbelievable low prices on Prachiworld.in as ascertained in Prachiworld in Reviews
  • User-friendly interface of Prachiworld.in with searching, sorting, and filtering options
  • Detailed product description and image illustration is present on Prachiworld.in


Unfriendly cancellation policy at Prachiworld.in

  • Poor inventory control and logic of Prachiworld.in, which allows infinite ordering quantity of a single item
  • The shipment terms are contradicted on the shipping policy page
  • Only payment via Cashfree is offered at checkout
  • A shipment fee between ₹29.00 to ₹99.00 is added on the product page irrespective of order quantity and contradicts the free shipment

 Is Prachiworld.in Legit?

 Prachiworld.in Creation: 28th March 2022 at 10:01:01.

  • Prachiworld.in Age: twelve days old. 
  • Prachiworld.in Expiry: 28th March 2023 at 10:01:01, considered to check Is Prachiworld in Legit?
  • Prachiworld.in life expectancy: expires within eleven months and eighteen days.
  • Trust Index: Prachiworld.in has an average 50% trust rating.
  • Business Rank: Prachiworld.in achieved a 39.9% business ranking.
  • Place of origin: Prachiworld.in was registered in Maharashtra, Mumbai, India.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Prachiworld.in was not blacklisted.
  • Threat Profile: 53/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 25/100.
  • Phishing Score: 53/100.
  • Malware Score: 28/100.
  • Spam Score: 18/100.
  • Connection Security: Prachiworld.in uses a secure and valid HTTPS protocol. 
  • SSL Status: IP does not has an SSL certification.
  • Contact person: unspecified at Prachiworld.in.
  • Social relations: Prachiworld.in is not found on social media.
  • Owner’s contact and Identity: Prachiworld.in uses internet censorship services to hide these details.

Customers Prachiworld in Reviews:

Three website reviews of Prachiworld.in and three YouTube reviews suggest that it is potentially a scam. Customers have lodged complaints with consumer forums due to the non-delivery of orders. Negative customer reviews also showed that their orders and refunds were not received.

Prachiworld.in has a poor Alexa ranking of 573,836. Customer and product feedback is not getting accepted on Prachiworld.in. Therefore, Read about PayPal Scams as Prachiworld.in takes PayPal payments.


Prachiworld.in has an average TrustRank. But, it achieved poor Business and Alexa Ranking. There is no customer acknowledgment on receiving delivery of orders. We do not recommend Prachiworld.in as it scored considerably on suspicion and threat profile. Prachiworld in Reviews concludes that Prachiworld.in is potentially a scam. 

Read about Credit Card Scams as Prachiworld.in takes credit card payments.

Were reviews on Prachiworld.in informative? Please comment below about this article on Prachiworld.in.

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