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Pretty Gales Com Reviews [April] Is It Not Another Scam?

Pretty Gales Com Reviews [April] Is It Not Another Scam? >> Answer of this question lies in this post. Read it completely to know more about this website. Only after reading this post, one should think about ordering over this website.

Online shopping from an online store is a great experience for most of the online customers. It is the reason that online shopping and e-commerce business is now a billion-dollar industry. There are billions of websites available over the internet from different countries. Due to globalization and accessible shipping facilities makes the delivery system more flexible.

But like everywhere, digital platforms are now not safe, suppose you are purchasing a product from online, and some stole all your money from your bank account during online transactions? It doesn’t mean that you will face forgery and fraud. There are several websites which are successfully running their website and is very famous brands.

Many websites are placing the tag of the product of $0. Many readers wanted to know and given pretty gales com reviews and commented negatively upon the website. It is an online fashion store for women to sell all types of products for women. People are always advised to check and be sure about the site before purchasing.

Several websites do scam and do fraud by not sending the product to the customer. They will put the address of the United States to earn the trust of the locales, but they do fraud by sitting on other countries.

What is pretty gales.com?

Pretty gales.com is an online e-commerce store that sells products for women. The website sells products like nighty, undergarments, rompers, footwear, bottoms, and winter wears, and dresses. You will wear in various colors, sizes, and designs. The striking fact is that there is no price tag on any images of the wear. The price of the mentioned below the wear is $0.

So, it is a confusing point whether they are selling the product for free, or it is a glitch on the website. The reason may be whatever, but it sounds fishy and makes customers confused. From above all the weird things about the site, there is no mention of official address, mail-id, or any contact number.

In any regular e-commerce website, a registered address with contact details is a must. So, any customer can ask for help if they have any queries. Every website must have proper price tags, return policy, and shipping details, but in the case of pretty gales.com, nothing is mentioned, and the website is not looking promising. 

Few of the customers mentioned that might it is a new website, and maybe it is in its developing stage. It happens most of the time when a new website is launched over the internet for trial purposes. But it doesn’t means that they will copy past the image of the products and put no price tags.

It is suggested that not to purchase any products from any new website, you must wait for the feedbacks and must not forget to check the legitimacy of the website, which can be rectified by reviewing the policy, contact details, and feedbacks.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of pretty gales.com)

Pros of pretty gales.com

  • Website is new and has several varieties of products for women
  • The price tag put on the products is $0 which is suspicious or may it is a marketing trick
  • Website is having all ranges of fashion wears, foot wears, and undergarments for women

Cons of pretty gales.com

  • Pretty gales.com is new, and they don’t have any customers
  • There is no presence over any social media platform from pretty gales.com
  • There is no feedback available about the website; only a few of the customers reported it as a spam website.
  • There is no contact number, email id and address of the company mentioned on the website
  • You can contact the owner only by filling the form on the Contact Us section
  • Hiding all the contact details shows the suspicious activities of the website, and consumers should avoid such types of websites.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • Company is giving 30 days to return the product, which means you can return within that time
  • The returned product must get back to the company’s warehouse within 15 days
  • Only the customer will be responsible if they put the wrong address of the delivery destination.
  • Pretty gales.com will not pay the refund if the product is used or if you send it in damaged condition.


The website is new, and there is no contact and details found on the web about the company. Our pretty gales com reviews as our research are found negative, but it is up to your choice.

17 thoughts on “Pretty Gales Com Reviews [April] Is It Not Another Scam?

  1. where are myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy products someone needs to get in contact with me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. Omg I have placed an order as well back in April 10 and my order hasn’t arrived yet. Also I just find out that my order doesn’t have a tracking num. someone tell me what’s happening!?

    1. Ordered stuff early April. Status changed to shipped. Shipped to where? Prolly Pluto because I didn’t get nada yet.

    2. Exact thing that happened to me , Ordered on that day as well I have tried emailing them the emails won’t go through and every time I look at the page nothing wants to come up I also ordered from a site called Sparkling you’re just as bad website won’t come up or tracking number

  3. My clothes never came even though it said it was shipped and when I click the website. It no longer comes up.

  4. I realized it was a scam when the bank account charge was “Become a barbie dol” I disputed, you guys should to and get your money back. Time to change my card number.

    1. It’s a scam my bank refused to reimburse me & would not allow me to close my account and open a new one . Good luck we live & we learn

  5. I prefer Econ March it charged for my items haven’t received anything even though it said shipped

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