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Project Management Write for Us – Read And Follow Rules!

The article, Project Management Write for Us provides crucial information on how to submit the guest post articles to the Dodbuzz website. 

Do you know that management is a crucial skill in this world? Are you a person who knows a lot about project management? Even a genius can slip from his position if he doesn’t know the fundamental process of management. 

So, from a business standpoint, every project requires project management skills, so our website chose that topic to invite writers to share their knowledge. Still, our website also has some exceptional guidelines for writing Project Management Write for Us article


The Dodbuzz website occupies a special place in the hearts of our readers because of its dedicated work on publishing articles. We have strong technical parameters to justify our claims. Our website has secured a decent global Alexa ranking (93759) and a good SEO score of 83%. We strived hard to reach this position on the internet and will continue to provide valuable and necessary articles to customers via product and website reviews, entertainment, entrepreneurship details, business investments, technology, currency exchanges, bitcoins, etc.

We encourage writers to take advantage of this golden opportunity, as guest posting articles is one of the simplest ways to reach more people.

“Write For Us Project Management Guest Post  Skillsets

Dodbuzz team invites writers to exhibit their knowledge of project management. Here we didn’t measure the projects based on their economic value. So writers should address the management of all the projects, irrespective of their size and value.

  • MBA degree holders can deeply understand each process of project management. They can quote their work’s latest theories, estimations, and studies. 
  • The guest topics include project management levels and types, factors determinants, benefits, lean process, critical path methods, software utilization, trending innovations, research, virtual process, global techniques and standards, success rates and results, networking, and so on.
  • Writers can also interactively present the articles.
  • Write For Us + Project Management Writers should remember one simple fact: project management allows us to achieve our goals more effectively and efficiently. So writers can use general and straightforward language. Don’t present the articles more technically.
  • Undergraduates in business studies can also participate. Writers should be able to explain the topics understandably by using lots of examples, charts, etc.
  • Every article should be unique. While writers can get a reference from the internet, it doesn’t mean they can copy and paste the entire content. So we want writers to be professional in their work.

General guidelines

  • Project Management “Write For Us” Guest post contributors should write the article in MS Word or Google Docs. Please don’t use a word pad or a notepad.
  • Each article should have a good readability score.
  • We have the website tools to check the plagiarism level of each article, so writers cannot fool us. Kindly present the fresh content.
  • Don’t make the articles look like great essays. It should be presented pleasantly with appropriate title headings, bullets, and indents.
  • Writers should avoid using italics in their documents.
  • No grammar and spelling mistakes are acceptable, so double-check it with the grammar-checking tools.
  • Word length : 800-1000 

Benefits to the authors

Write For Us + “Project Management” writers gets the benefits from the dodbuzz team. Benefits that can be reaped are,

  • Dodbuzz website has a newsletter option, so we regularly send our updates to our audience. We will also send guest post notifications to our readers. Hence, the writer’s work will eventually gain more web traffic.
  • Our published articles are public to everyone, which means anyone can read our content. So there are chances that some reputed news agencies may shift their focus on guest post authors.
  • Since we have a more incredible reader base, guest post contributors can gain much exposure.

How to reach us?

Project Management Write for Us authors should note that our team has no social media accounts. So they have to reach us via mail. Writers should send their work to jacksonhnry59@gmail.com.

We receive many guest post articles. Our team may fail to contact the writers within 24 hours. But indeed we will send the reply as early as possible. We respect the patience of the writers. Our editorial team has all the rights to edit the submitted works, so writers are pleased not to send their documents in pdf form.


The Dodbuzz evaluation process is simple. If the Project Management Write for Us articles adhere to the guidelines mentioned above, they have a higher chance of publishing their articles on our platform. Each update will be shared with the writers regularly. The selected articles shouldn’t be shared with another third party. Read a lot about project management here. 

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