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Projected World Golf Rankings (May) Get Full Insight!

Projected World Golf Rankings (May) Get Full Insight! >> Based on finds we explained all about the whole golf ranking system, its importance, acceptance etc.

Hello readers, today we are here to take a new and very interesting topic related to a very popular game: -Golf. Golf is very popular in the United States. Here we are discussing how individual players got their ranking.

In this ranking system, every weak player ranking updated through a standard rating system. If people want to know more about ranking, read the article, how Projected World Golf Rankings worksThis article will solve all your queries. Continue reading.

What is World Golf Rankings?

The World Golf Ranking is a process of rating based on the performance level of professional golf players. This system existed from 1986. It is a system that is applied to individual players, not on a whole team. It is based on player’s performance in individual tournaments over a two-year rolling period. Based on the players’ performance in events every week, new rankings yielded.

In the article, Projected World Golf Rankingswe explain how much it is essential for the player to know their ranking because without knowing the ability, they can improve their games. Rating is not decided by only one event; it takes more time and many events. Based on sources, data says in 2018, among 400 tournaments, 20 tours covered by the ranking system included all the tournament players.

The ranking system has its importance because they use qualifying criteria to the way in leading tournaments.

Calculation of Projected World Golf Rankings:

Golf ranking is a long process. It is based on dividing players’ points total by the number of tournaments they played and getting the average of individual players. According to their average, players got their ranked, highest average will be on 1st position. It’s the process.

  • Event ranking: It is the first stage of calculation in this each event ranking calculated for rankings. 
  • Player rankings: In this ranking point of players for that event can be calculated.
  • Adjusted rankings: After an event for the first 13 weeks, players got full Projected World Golf Rankings points which they earn in the event.
  • Ranking average: Now, players adjusted points for all tournaments over two years added together. This total is divided by the number of tournaments played by player produced by the average ranking.

Acceptance of World Golf Ranking:

The Golf Ranking system is accepted by major governing bodies like United States Golf Association, Hosts of major championships etc. accept this ranking system. It is also accepted by the European Tour, Sunshine Tour and by many more, it is accepted.

List of Golf Players Rankings:

  1. Dustin Johnson-USA
  2. Justin Thomas
  3. Jon Rahm-ESP
  4. Xander Schauffele-USA
  5. Bryson DeChambeau-USA. To know more about the ranking, read here.


This system – Projected World Golf Rankings is very important to know the players’ ranking and competitiveness because changes affect players’ rankings. Therefore, ranking strategy produces a feeling of competition among players.

You can share your experience below in the comment section.

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