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Proveu World Reviews [July] Is It Real or a Scam Site?

Proveu World Reviews [July] Is It Real or a Scam Site? -> In this article, you get to know a web store that features a variety of multi-use and modern kitchen storage essentials.

Are you searching for a set of affordable kitchen appliances and storage essentials? Try checking out proveu.world

Kitchen storage wares are essential to any household. Good quality storage and containers go a long way in keeping the freshness and taste of our food items intact. We all need items like dish plates, storage racks, drainers, etc. to carry out smooth work in our kitchen. 

Neglecting proper things will make us stuck in our kitchen all day long and might also hamper our health in the long term. Good preservation is necessary to keep the nutrients in our food alive.

As the surge for modern kitchen essentials continues to grow, many online sites have come up offering popular kitchen tools and items. But it’s up to us to purchase quality kitchen storage items from trusted stores. 

Read the full Proveu World Reviews to know about a site selling such stuff at quite economical prices. It is a recently launched business that is currently operating from the United States.

What is Proveu.world?

It is a recently created online store that offers a variety of kitchen storage and holder materials like dish plates, storage racks, drainers, etc. All the products are sold at reasonable prices. A newsletter is also provided on the site to keep yourself informed about upcoming products, sales, etc.

Site Specifications

  • Website type: Online store that offers a range of kitchen utensil holders and related materials.  https://www.proveu.world/
  • Email: support@proveu.world
  • Shipping time: 1 business day
  • Delivery time: Not mentioned
  • Exchange: Applicable on contacting them
  • Refund: Applicable within 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Return: Same as the refund
  • Cancellation of order: Not provided in the site
  • Phone number: (828) 242-1156
  • Company address: GA 30021 1611 Post Oak Dr, H, Clarkston, United States
  • Modes of payment: PayPal

Is Proveu.world legit?

It is one of the many duplicate stores that fall very low on our credibility scale. There are numerous reasons for deeming it as not legitimate. 

Firstly, everything written on the about page is not related to what the site offers. There is no relevance between the information on different pages of the website. 

No clear information can be ascertained about the owner of the site. By not providing any information whatsoever about the website owner, one cannot sue them or ask for a refund/return if the product didn’t perform well.

Secondly, all of their social media links are faulty. Putting up fake social media links only lowers their legitimacy in the customer’s mind. There are no customer reviews on the site. Elsewhere the internet is abuzz with remarks regarding this site to be a big scam.

Besides, it is a very recently created site with an obscure origin, and the trust index of the site falls below 3%. Hence keeping all this in mind, we would not consider proveu.world as legit.

Pros of purchasing products from proveu.world

  • The site offers a wide variety of modern and trendy kitchen essentials.
  • The site provides all of its products at very attractive and low prices.
  • All information regarding the shipping and delivery of products is available on the site.
  • Request for return and refund can be processed within ten days.

Cons of buying purchasing products from proveu.world

  • There is no relevance between the About page of the site to what the site offers.
  • The site showcases non-functional social media links on its pages.
  • Customer traffic here is meager.
  • Lack of proper security measures present on the site.

What are people saying about proveu.world?

There is a complete lack of Proveu World Reviews on the site itself as the customer traffic, on the whole, is very low there. There are many websites on the internet, and their customers have warned against purchasing products from this site.

Final verdict

Proveu World Reviews on the internet expose us to the truth hidden behind the site, which at first glance, appears as perfectly usual. The incoherent information given in the website pages, along with low trust scores, faulty social media links, and no customer traffic, makes us entirely unsure about the legitimacy of this site.

We advise people to be extremely cautious about sites like this one. This site, in particular, cannot be trusted by buyers. 

Do not provide it with the necessary bank details and waste your money without receiving the product you ordered. Hence, proveu.world is not a legitimate site, and we would suggest you not to go ahead and buy from this site.

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  1. SCAM FRAUD!!!!!! police and post master general advised. Launching an investigation.!!!!!!!!!

  2. FRAUD SCAM!!!!!!! police and post master general advised. investigation launched 7.17.20

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