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Public Storm Warning #1 Signal {Dec} Know How It Upgrade

Public Storm Warning #1 Signal can inform us about impending tropical storms. Read to find preventive measures and operations.

Public Storm Warning signals are employed in various coastal countries where it is imperative to be cautioned against the impending storms. They predict the incoming weather disturbances with sufficient accuracy. 

The Public Storm Warning #1 Signal has been used in the Philippines and the United States and has significantly impacted storm containment and protection of life and livelihood. They work at different levels with varying intensity, namely, warning signals, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Today, we shall be taking up this issue for further deliberation. 

What is a Public Storm Warning Signal?

A public storm warning signal is a signal that warns the public about incoming storms or, likewise, concerning climatic situations. It gets raised hours before the area would be getting affected.

 Public Storm Warning #1 Signal is the first stage signal expected 36 hours before the impending storm. The other signals work with a sufficient time gap. Public Storm Warning Signal 2 is raised 24 hours before the storm. The Public Storm Warning Signals 3 and 4 are raised 18 and 12 hours before the storm, respectively.  

Metrological departments are expected to warn the public via every medium possible, and the governments try to take all necessary measures to save lives and livelihoods. As the weather condition changes in the Philippines, the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) accordingly upgrades or downgrades the signals. 

Public Storm Warning #1 Signal: When can it be raised?

The Public Storm Warning Signal 1 is raised when a tropical cyclone will affect an area in 36 hours, or wind with great speed is expected. It should depict the speed and intensity of winds and rainfall as well. The purpose of signal 1 is to warn of the impending occurrence, and the impact has not been remotely felt at the place where the signal is raised. 

It is essential that in countries like the Philippines, tropical cyclones are constantly in motion towards the coastal areas. Therefore, the upgrading or downgrading of the signal is possible. Therefore, Public Storm Warning #1 Signal may upgrade to #2, then to #3 and further. 

Preventive Measures at #1 Signal

When the tropical storm signal is raised, the waves on the waters would gradually develop and swell. It is essential to listen to the bulletin issued by the metrological departments and other relevant agencies.

 The #1 signal is not informing of something hazardous, and there are chances that the storm would not be hitting a concerned area. People could carry on with their businesses unless advised otherwise by the government agencies.


The Public Storm Warning SignalsPAGASA are strengthening the storm response of various countries. These signals have saved numerous lives and livelihoods, Public Storm Warning #1 Signal is the first level of these signals, and it signals that the storm is 36 hours away. There are chances that the storm would change its path. However, an alert is issued, and agencies start preparing themselves for the job.

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