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Quntis Screen Light Bar Review

Quntis Screen Light Bar Review: Are you facing problems while looking continuously at your screen? Experts point out that poor work lighting conditions may damage your health and lifestyle. Do you wish to protect your eyes while working on the computer? If yes, Quntis screen light bar is all you need to shop. Using Quntis LED monitor light will be helpful to prevent eye strain by minimizing dazzle and glare from the reflection of the monitor. In addition to that it adds good lighting all over the workspace and eventually the productivity gets boosted.

This product is available on various shopping sites. At the same time, if you are also looking to care for your eyes while looking at the screen for hours, click on this link (you can get 10% off by use WG4QHHGZ ). Can Quntis screen light bar relieve eye strain.

This product has become quite popular among people. If you also wish to note more details about the product, you can refer to this article below.

What is Quntis Screen Light Bar?

This is an innovative product available on various shopping sites. It was introduced to provide eye care and a monitor light bar helps reduce screen glare and screen reflection. Quntis screen light bar provides valuable service, and its quality is excellent. Quntis screen light bar is equipped with an adjustment cover which makes it can be used on universal computer screens. This product is USB powered, which means any USB outlet can power the monitor light.

What is Quntis Screen Light Bar

The LED light has a touch control system; the light also has a sensor which enables it to adjust the brightness of the light as per the surrounding within 7 to 8 seconds. It also has various additional features, such as the designed product so that it lights up only your keyboard and desk and does not reflect glare on the monitor. It also prevents blue light and optical radiation.

blue light and optical radiation

The brightness and colour of the light can be adjusted manually. The step less dimming system ranges from 3000K- 6500K, which enables the temperature adjustment from a cold light to a warm light. Thereby improving the efficiency of your work and providing relief from eye strain.     

The Characteristics of Quntis Screen Light Bar:

  • Name of the product: Quntis Computer monitors lamp. 
  • Details on Brand: The name of the brand is Quntis .
  • Colour of the product: Black
  • Weight of the product: 15.5 ounces is the weight of the product.
  • Shape: Straight.
  • Expiry Date: 15.06.2025
  • Light Numbers: 42 
  • Product Price: $39
  • Product Dimension: 15.7 x 0.78 x 0.78 in
  • Product Material: Aluminium alloy, PC + ABS.
  • Wattage: 5 watts.
  • The Quality of Product: 78 PCS.
  • Length of the Product: 40 cm.
  • Light Source: LED.
  • Power of application: Power bank, AdaptorPC.
  • Voltage: DC 5V- 1A (USB-Type C)
  • Model Number: L205-QU
  • Colour Temperature: 6500 Kelvin.
  • Control Type: Touch.
  • The direction of Light: Adjustable. 
  • Discount Offer: 10% WG4QHHGZ expiry date: 2025-06-15
  • Source of Power: Corded electric.

Positive points of the Quntis Screen Light Bar:

  • It allows automatic adjustable brightness features.
  • Provides three light dimming methods to change to warm, relaxed or natural light.
  • Offers average and soft light without any flicker, and avoids reflective glare of the computer screen and reliefs eye strain.
  • Easy to install and has a power bank mode for charging. 
  • Has a life span of 40000 hours and provides valuable service.
  • A patchy design which lights up only the monitor and keyboard, in order to confirm that no screen glare is present.
  • It is attested to IEC62471 Visual Safety from Radiation and IEC62778 Screen blue Light preventive.      

Positive points of the Quntis Screen Light Bar

Is Quntis Screen Light Bar worth to buying?

The product screen light bar is a product of Quntis and can be bought from various online stores, including its official website. You can check more using experience about the product on its product page, and it seems to be legit as there are many buyers, with most of them giving a 5-star rating for its excellent service.

Is Quntis Screen Light Bar worth to buying

Comparison between Quntis with other brands:

Quntis is the cheapest monitor bar made of aluminium alloy. It has a touch control located at the top and provides a life span of 40000 hours. The brightness of the light can be adjusted automatically. It is available for $39. 

Whereas other brands like Baseus or Oowolf provide a service of 35000 hours, having a touch control located at the front portion of the light and are available at a much higher price of $39.99.    

Summing Up:

Quntis screen light bar is definitely laudable that they managed to keep the price tag so much more affordable. So, if you need a desk lamp and have a monitor, then give the Quntis Screen Linear Pro a chance.

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