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Razer Zephyr Pro Mask (Jan) Read All Benefits & Features

This article provides information on the newly launched Pro mask and tells you about the benefits and features of the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask.

Are you looking for a mask to protect yourself from the nearby surrounding and harmful environment? Do you know about the new mask launched by Razer’s company? Masks and sanitizers have become a necessity for the people, especially in the United States, Canada and other countries where the cases of COVID are rising.

In this article, we will talk about the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask and tell you how this mask works and whether it is suitable for safety purposes or not. 

What is Zephyr Pro Mask?

Zephyr pro mask is a free-breathing mask that replaces the N95 mask with its advanced technology and concept, which helps the person stay fit and safe from the outer environment. Most of the time, people have to go outside for daily errands, but normal masks are not that effective. 

With the new technology, the mask is ready to protect you from the COVID, and with the addition of new features, it becomes one of the best options in the present time with a price of $150 per piece. 

What are the features of the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask?

The thing that makes the Zephyr pro mask different from other N95 and cloth masks are its features. Here are the lists of features of this mask that every consumer should know:

  • It has an N95 grade filter with two-way protection that helps filter the air to protect you from harmful particles in the air. 
  • The chambers that are present in the filter allow the air to flow freely so that the person can breathe properly. 
  • It provides a tight and secure seal to your mouth and nose but is comfortable too. 

What are the benefits of the Zephyr Pro Mask?

After looking at the features of the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask, it’s time to know the benefits of this product to get a better understanding.

  • The filter of the Zephyr pro mask works better and lasts for 3X longer than the normal disposable mask, which is good for the environment. 
  • You can replace the filter, too, as you don’t need to dispose of the mask. 
  • Different colours and designs are available.
  • The Zephyr pro mask has an anti-fog coating along with interior lights. 
  • This mask also has a voice amplification that ensures proper speech even when the mask is up. 

What do people have to say about the Zephyr Pro Mask?

Razer Zephyr Pro Mask is unique with its design and features, and people are happy with its launch as they get what they always wanted from a mask. The reviews of this mask are positive, but there are some negative comments too for the mask about its features and function. 

However, as the mask was launched recently, so it is safe to say that customers should wait for a little to get more updated knowledge and reviews of the Zephyr Pro Mask. 

Wrapping it up

With the present information, we can conclude that the zephyr pro mask is a good product that can protect you in COVID with comfortable and better features than previous products.

If you have used the Razer Zephyr Pro Mask, then share your experience with us in the comment section.

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