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Regalhomedecor Reviews (Sep) Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

This page delivers Regalhomedecor Reviews and lets readers get relevant ideas about the Regalhomedecor Com web store nature.

Hey readers, are you finding relevant information about the site that ships only kitchenware and home decors to customers around India? Well, it’s important to be well acquainted with the sites that offer such products, and you intend to purchase items from there.

Today, we have come up with the best knowledge about the online site created only to sell home decors and kitchen accessories. We will acknowledge Regalhomedecor Reviews and deeply study the website policies and rules to ensure the site’s trustworthiness.

What Is Regalhomedecor Com?

Regal home decors site is a freshly built website introduced in the ecommerce platform on 14th September 2021. The shop has every item, which is priced at ninety-nine rupees each. The site carries a total of seven hundred and thirty-four products.

So, the site has a wide variety of in-stock products sold at a minimal range. The products displayed in the site has cup sets, fruit basket, dinnerware set, cookware set, food blender, etc. But Is Regalhomedecor LegitWell, to get its answer, we are uncovering more of the site’s details, which will aid in examining the portal’s legitimacy.

Customers can pay through different payment modes via credit or debit card. Additionally, one can get every essential accessory in this store that is required in the kitchen. So be very aware though the site looks appealing when we visit the home page, we need to check more about policy and Specifications.

Specifications Of Regalhomedecor Com

  • Domain Date: 14th September 2021; read Regalhomedecor Reviews ahead
  • URL: https://www.regalhomedecor.com/
  • Category: e-commerce store designed to supply home and kitchen items and home decors
  • Email: regalhomedecorstore@gmail.com
  • Address: No physical presence of the store
  • Contact No: No contact details
  • Payment Modes: American Express, DISCOVER, Paytm, Rupay, Visa
  • Return Policy: you have seven days in your hand to return the product
  • Refund Policy: Refund information and instructions is missing
  • Exchange Policy: Exchange information unavailable
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping Policy shares the return details
  • Delivery Policy: Unknown
  • Social Profiles Icons: Unavailable

Pros Of Regalhomedecor 

The website shows validation as it has a valid HTTPS connection, we found out during Regalhomedecor Reviews research.

The website had a wider variety of quality products in stock for sale

The portal accepts payments through multiple modes

Cons Of Regalhomedecor 

  • The site is just six days old, with a low trust score
  • The site is not popular
  • The site shows no presence of active social pages and icons on the home page
  • The aims and mission of the Portal is not revealed as it lacks the About Us section
  • Low trust Index
  • The site’s popularity is very poor
  • Information regarding the Refund of money is not displayed
  • Multiple of Legit facts of the portal is missing

Is Regalhomedecor Legit Portal?

While examining the company’s legitimacy following factors will help you to conclude whether the site is genuine or not

  • Domain Age: The company is only six days old, which adds up to the site’s the suspicious nature
  • Trust Score: 30/100, which is very low
  • Reviews: Reviews are not posted in any sources regarding this company
  • Alexa Rank: Unknown
  • Plagiarised Content: The site has copied the content from other sources
  • Policies: The policies of the company is a little restricted
  • Address Originality: Address is not shared
  • Instagram and Facebook presence: No active Facebook and Instagram page
  • Owners’ identity: The identity of the owner is not displayed
  • Unrealistic Discounts: the site gives Unrealistic Discounts on every product

What Are Regalhomedecor Reviews Posted Online?

Reviews play the most important role in making decisions whether the company is good or not. Well, in the case of Regalhomedecor, Reviews are not found anywhere. So this kind of site is mostly made for scamming. You must note How To Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?- Know

However, if you think that site has attractive products and want to purchase them. Be patient and wait for some time and analyze if the site receives any comments shortly. But if you have already ordered the product and haven’t got the item yet, please check What To Do paypal If Order Not Delivered?- Get Information 


Based on our research on Regalhomedecor Reviewswe examined enough information about the site, which imparts a negative image of Regalhomedecor Com web store. We think that Regalhomedecor is not a good site. The site lacks many legit indicators and is lacking Regalhomedecor Feedback.

Which store, according to you, is best for the purchase of home and kitchen items? Comment

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