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Regressor Manual Instruction 1 {Nov 2021} Read Details!

Click on this article to learn more about Regressor Manual Instruction 1, a 2021 Manga series.

Millions of Manga fans worldwide wait for new series to be launched for months and probably years. We have one such Manga series that recently launched in the United States, Philippines, and Indonesia

We are talking about Regressor Manual Instruction 1, which many Manga fans are excited about in 2021. In addition, we will be elaborating the series’ starting as a spoiler alert so that the viewers can start watching this series?

What is the Regressor Instruction Manual?

Regressor Instruction Manual is a Manga series that has recently released its chapter 778 in November 2021. Even before the release, numerous Regressor’s fans discussed the possible story on social media platforms and Manga news forums. The Regressor Manual series has also won the best Joara novel of the year award in 2019.

What is the Regressor Manual Instruction 1 chapter’s starting?

As a result, towards the end of chapter 157 and the beginning of chapter 158, after first misinterpreting Kiyong’s motives, she concluded that he attempted to sexually harass her even though his girlfriend was there, much like those employers who take advantage of their staff in improper ways.

The fact that Kiyong in Regressor Manual Instruction has many complicated “romantic” relationships around him and that this world has an understandable view towards common knowledge, she assumed kiyong was going to do or say something along those lines.

Specifications of Regressor Instruction Manual

  • Regressor Manual Instruction 1 has received an overall 4.1 stars rating on various Manga review platforms. 
  • This Manga series ranks in the top as it receives approximately 13K views monthly.
  • HSS hwegwija sayongsolmyongso RIM is another Manga series that has the same story and timeline. 
  • It is written by a famous author 흙수저 (English: Dirt Spoonful)
  • This Manga series comes under Adventure, Comedy, Action, Mature, Psychological, Fantasy, and Seinen genres. 
  • It is categorized under the Web Novel (KR) group.

What are viewers saying about the Regressor Instruction Manual?

Among various comments on the Regressor Manual Instruction 1, one recent comment of a user mentions, “To make him feel and behave this way, I have no doubt that she cast a spell on him. It is reasonable to have feelings for her after the tragedy, but something off about her in Regressor does not feel right. Could it be that she unwittingly cast a spell on him when she was intoxicated?”

With the above comment, you can understand the craze about Regressor Instruction Manual among the fans.


Since the Regressor Instruction Manual’s new chapter was recently launched in 2021, we should give it some time to gain popularity like its previously launched chapters. If you have more details of Regressor Manual Instruction 1, please write them in the comment section. We will be waiting for your input on this topic to help new users start watching this exciting Manga series. 

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