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Rerunbay com Reviews [August] Will It Legit For Shop?

Rerunbay com Reviews [August] Will It Legit For Shop? -> This report gives a detailed analysis done on a website selling digital books.

Do you prefer buying books offline or getting e-books online? The spread of the deadly disease has forced people to avoid buying offline and go for online buying. There is a new webstore on the internet called Rerunbay.com, which sells e-books for downloading and reading. But, before buying the e-books, you should know the Rerunbay com Reviews, which we have given in this report. That will help you judge the e-store correctly and then spending your money wisely.

In this era of online scams, that has stormed the internet, it is crucial to know everything about a new webstore first. The analysis in this report will guide you to see every detail about the new webstore, to protect you from any scam. The website belongs to the United States of America and sells E-books, that you can download after making a purchase online.

What is Rerunbay.com?

The website that sells e-books is a too new e-store that started selling digital books only a few days ago. It has only a few e-books available in the digital format, and the prices are not very high. You need to purchase the book first, and then it is sent for download for reading on your device. The book is then available for lifetime access.

The modes of payment available are Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express. They have given a mailing address of the United States of America on the website, for the customers. The readers can also contact them with email support available. They also have a refund policy of 30 days available for the readers. The refund is given only if the e-book has not been downloaded.

Specifications of Rerunbay.com

  • Website type – Seller of E-books online
  • Country – United States
  • Returns – Applicable within 30 days
  • Contact Address – 707 NE, Fremont St, Portland OR 97212
  • Email ID – support@rerunbay.com
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Payments – Visa, Discover, American Express, Mastercard
  • Social media – No association available

The Positive aspects of buying from Rerunbay

  • The website has few good e-books available
  • The returns are acceptable.

The Negative aspects of Buying from Rerunbay

  • The website is entirely new, only nine days old.
  • There is a low range of e-books available, and the choice option is less for the customer.
  • There are no Rerunbay com Reviews available on any leading review site.
  • No association with leading social media platforms is present.

Is Rerunbay com Legit?

The website got launched only nine days back and is exceptionally young. We looked for Rerunbay com Reviews and found no review available. The site is very unpopular and is hardly known among the users. We cannot say how much legit the website is, due to the newness of the e-store, although the mailing address available shows the offline store of Rerun, which is popular among people. The website has no presence known on the social media platforms as well.

It has a low ranking for website traffic, on Alexa. The website has several reviews available that are all five-star rated by people. That throws a ray of suspicion because the website is too new to get so many feedbacks. The reviews might be a way of attracting customers so that they read positive reviews and buy books from them. Thus, the legitimacy of the site again raises a question mark.

What are Customers saying about Rerunbay com?

The customers for a newly launched store are usually few and hence few reviews. When we searched for Rerunbay com Reviews, we found several positive reviews available on the website only and nowhere else on the internet. That looks suspicious and points a finger on the legitimacy of those reviews. Certain websites have reviews written by themselves also and so looks in this case as well.

The absence of no review on leading platforms and websites makes it an unpopular webstore. We cannot rely on the reviews available on the website itself as it is so young to get so many reviews from so many customers. That can be considered as misguiding at the part of the website.

The Conclusion

If we look at all the positive and negative points discussed in this report, we can easily judge the legitimacy of this new website. The e-store selling digital books cannot be trusted entirely, firstly because of its newness and secondly because of fake reviews available on the website.

The readers are warned of falling into any scam and requested to look for other sites that are legit and sell e-books.

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