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How Many Calories Can I Burn When Riding My E-bike?


Have you ever questioned how many calories an e-bike actually burns while being used? Anyone who has used an electric bike for challenging commutes understands that it is a tremendous workout. However, you might believe that the electric assist will prevent you from burning many calories. Electric bikes with pedal assistance such as mid drive e bikes, make commuting quicker and more enjoyable while also increasing breathing and heart rates enough to improve your health. Electric bikes merely support a rider’s pedaling effort. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding an Ebike

Depending on your support setting and riding effort, an e-bike can help you burn between 100 and 600 calories per hour. The more you exercise your body by using less of your motor, the more calories you burn. 500 calories can be burned each hour while cycling! But doing that on a conventional bike can be challenging, especially if you start out overweight. 

A recent study showed that compared to pedaling a regular bike, which burnt 552 calories per hour, using an electric bike with the pedal assist mode enabled helped the user burn 444 calories per hour. There is just a 20% difference there! In conclusion, riding an electric bike will result in calorie burning.

What Factors Can Influence Calorie Consumption While Riding

  • Your Diet

You must expend more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. You can achieve this by increasing your physical activity (using an electric bike for this) or decreasing how much food you consume. The best results are probably likely if you combine eating less with greater exercise.

But you don’t have to be hungry if you eat less. Frequently, eating wholesome things like fruits and vegetables and staying away from processed, oily, and quick food will leave you feeling just as satisfied.

If you want particular nutritional advice, talk to your doctor.

  • Avoid maxing out the pedal assist or using the minimum level

Pedal-assist, or the e-capacity bike’s to triple your pedaling force, is what makes e-bikes such effective workout vehicles for cyclists who are taking up riding again. Additionally, the majority of e-bikes include four to eight levels of pedal assistance, allowing you to precisely choose how much additional power is supplied by the motor.

In an effort to get the finest workout, some riders incorrectly choose the lowest level, but this frequently leaves inexperienced riders fatigued and in over their heads. The last thing you want is to run out of energy while still being far from home.

On the other hand, the highest pedal assist rarely provides much of a workout and frequently comes close to being “full throttle.” The maximum pedal assist setting is ideal for ascending steep hills but is typically inappropriate for leisurely flat-land riding.

Pedal-assist usage requires moderation. Consider beginning in the center and lowering the pedal assist as your fitness level increases.

  • Make use of your electric bike as much as possible

Utilizing your e-bike daily could seem challenging. But the easiest way to do it is to start using your e-bike as a mode of transportation rather than just an exercise machine.

Utilize your e-bike to reduce the number of journeys you take in the automobile. Put on a backpack (or add a pair of panniers) and bike there instead of taking the automobile if you only need a few items from the store. 

Incorporate the e-bike as best you can into your daily routine. The more you ride, the more your lifestyle incorporates it.

  • Hills and Route Surfaces 

The hills, the bigger and steeper, the better! In terms of calorie expenditure, you really can’t climb too much as long as you leave enough battery life to return home.

Going off-road will require extra work, much like climbing. Climbing and off-roading are even better.

The Himiway Cruiser is an electric bike with a battery capacity of 48V 17.5Ah, a mileage of 60 miles with a full charge, 500W rear hub motor and can accommodate a weight of 350lbs amongst other specifications. This electric bike is perfect for riding over steep hills and terrains to help you burn calories.

Calorie Consumption Ebike vs Normal

Those who make use of electric bikes end up cycling far more kilometers than those who make use of a traditional bike; this in itself ensures the burning of more calories. Riding an electric bike is fun, and once something is fun you tend to do it often. Your overall health and wellbeing will increase if you ride an electric bike more often. 

The Himiway Zebra is an electric bicycle, with a battery capacity of 48V 20Ah, a mileage of 80 miles with a full charge, 500W rear hub motor and can accommodate a weight of 350lbs amongst other specifications. With the mileage of 80 miles with a full charge, you can cycle over that distance while burning calories and remaining fit.


E-biking can help you get the vital cardiovascular exercise that the urban, 21st-century lifestyle so frequently lacks, as well as improve your overall physical and mental health. It can also help you gain muscle strength and endurance. This is more justification for continuing to ride your e-bike and delight in the experience. To reduce injuries, stretch both before and after. This is crucial because riding an e-bike often necessitates remaining stationary for extended periods of time. Change things up. Your e-biking will remain fascinating if you do this. Combine social group riding with your personal exercise regimen and seasonal goals. The key to being fitter is having an appropriate strategy, no matter how simple, and adhering to it, but if undertaken alone, it might feel like a nuisance. And do not forget to consume a balanced diet daily to help you burn calories.

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