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Rubcell Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Rubcell Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> The article is about a website that deals with bathroom hooks and shoe erasers, etc.

Online shopping has become a new normal in the United States. With thousands of benefits, it was bound to be popular. It has many downsides—one of them being frauds and scams that trap tens of people every day. 

Rubcell is a new bee in the market of e-commerce stores. With all things attractive and eye-catching, there could be just another con artist behind the website, where we come in.

We present to you the Rubcell Reviews. In it, we will discuss so everything based on shreds of evidence, and we will prove why you should or should not spend money on this website. It would be best if you read the review until the end to know more. 

What is Rubcell?

Rubcell is based in the United States from June, 2020. It is an online store for a strange variety of goods, randomly placed on the site. While bathroom hooks seem to be the leading products, they also sell the following-

  • Boot cleansers,
  • Shoe Brush,
  • Shoe Cleaning eraser for leather boots and sneakers,
  • Shoe Cleaning eraser for fur boots and sneakers,
  • Shoe Cleaning eraser for sued boots and sneakers,
  • Laundry Brushes,
  • Aquarium cleanses, and so on.

The products are inexpensive, but they are not adequately described. The product titles have too many words, and there is no suitable information for the buyers’ aid. So, can we trust this website?


  • Website: E-commerce a store selling bathroom hooks and others.
  • Website URL- https://www.rubcell.com/
  • Phone: (304) 444-1298 
  • Address- 15 Blossom Street, Savannah, TN 38372 United States 
  • Payment method- Online transfers through PayPal
  • Delivery- Worldwide, excluding Singapore, Russia, and Indonesia
  • Processing time- Somewhere between 1-2 business days
  • Overnight Shipping- They do allow overnight delivery if you request through an email
  • Standard Delivery- 7-10 business days
  • Express Shipping- not mentioned on the website.
  • Return: They accept returns within 30 days of purchase.
  • Exchange- Yes, conditions apply.
  • Refund- No information is given on the website.
  • Email: support@rubcell.com 

What are the PROs of Rubcell?

  • The goods on the site are eye-catching.
  • The price range is affordable.

 What are the CONs of Rubcell?

  • There are only 31 products uploaded on the e-commerce store.
  • You won’t be able to find many important details about the products in their description.
  • The products are not categorically differentiated but are all put haphazardly into two pages.
  • You would not be able to locate the products through the search option.
  • The website is a replica of two other scam websites.
  • Web of trust contains no ratings for this website.
  • We could not find any customer reviews while researching.
  • They are absent from all social media facilities.
  • It has an online age of one month only. 

Is Rubcell legit or scam?

You probably by now know that we always advise you to keep away from isolated websites with an online age below three months. As mentioned, it has only been one month since the site was conceived. So, it is already low on our trust count.  

However, the most important thing to talk about here is that we have already reviewed two clones of this website. We tried to go back and find the similarities, and to our utter surprise, we found that the Shipping Policy, the Return Policy, the Terms, and the Privacy Policy are the same word after word.

The two other websites that we just mentioned were also scams. And we advised all our readers to avoid them. It thus becomes evident that Rubcell is a scam.

What are people speaking about Rubcell?

Some websites have also published Rubcell Reviews that are available on the internet, and all of them proclaim that it is set up as a fraud to con people. The lack of customer reviews also adds up to the tension around Rubcell’s website. 

People of the United States are probably not aware of this website’s exitance as the traffic generated by this website is very low. They are also absent from all social media sites, just like other scam websites.

Final Verdict

The evidence listed above brings us to the end of the review, and we can finally label Rubcell as a scam. Please stay as far as you can and do not give this website any private information, including your credit card details, phone number, or email address. 

If the Rubcell Reviews were helpful to you, please send it across to your friends and family and protect them from this scam. Eager to have you in the subsequent reviews, we humbly invite you to use our comment section to leave us your feedback and tell us your thoughts. 

0 thoughts on “Rubcell Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. Yep it’s a scam! I should have done a little research before placing my order because they took my money, never delivered my item even though they provided a tracking number that said it was delivered, and because there was a tracking number, PayPal refuses to give me a refund.

  2. Yup got scammed into buying some Milwaukee hand drills set of 6 for 99.98 . But I will get my money back from PayPal.

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