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Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University {April} Read!

One university, Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University, is in question for changing its name. Stay tuned to get the updates of this news.

Do you know that an educational institution has to follow various processes or steps to get its name changed? Throughout the world, a university of Canada is viral for legal, social, and religious conflicts regarding its institutional name change. If you are interested in knowing about the recent incident that has shaken the world on a subtle level, please continue reading this Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University post. This article contains details and statements from the school’s officials, teachers, students, and critics.

What is the news about?

Ryerson’s School’s name was expected to be changed, and it was changed to TMU. Some Indigenous students and teachers are dissatisfied. Ryerson University renames Toronto Metropolitan University, severing its ties to the man credited with creating the school system. Staff, community members, and students fought for years for the new name. According to Hayden King, Yellowhead Institute’s executive director, “any name change would have been good, but Ryerson is not.” 

How does Ryerson University Name Change affect Hayden King?

“I do feel relieved, like if a lengthy fight is now done. We won. That is something to be proud of.” The university announced the name modification Tuesday afternoon after its governors’ board accepted president Lachemis’ name recommendation.

“I can never think of a good name than TMU,” stated Lachemi. A place where people feel accepted, visible, represented and honored. According to the vice-president and provost, Jennifer S., community engagement revealed a “strong desire” from students, alumni, and staff for the name change to reflect a place or site.

More Details to Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University

Those who passed before 2022 may preserve their current “Ryerson” degrees or seek a reprint of the Toronto Metropolitan degrees. The website states that changes to degrees should be made to the University Act. The university may function under provincial law.

Following years of requests to rename the institution, it began renaming in 2021. After finding the 215 unmarked graves at a residential school, students, Indigenous leaders, and campaigners staged a summer of protests that saw Egerton Ryerson’s monument on Gould Street toppled. 

Ryerson, an Upper Canadian superintendent and Methodist clergyman of school, wrote the Ryerson University Name Change Report, which established Canada’s residential schools. Many Indigenous children died due to the school system, which took them away from their friends or families to integrate them into church-run and government-funded institutions.

From the above statements of critics and school officials, you can assume dissatisfaction among the students, parents, and teachers. 


A sudden name change in an educational institution can raise questions about their credibility and ability when student graduates and finds a job. In addition to this, the school did not also ask the students or consider any feedback before changing the name to Ryerson Toronto Metropolitan University

Do you think it is a good decision on the Ryseron University’s behalf? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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