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Saber Astd {July 2021} Know And Get Equipped With This!

Saber Astd {July 2021} Know And Get Equipped With This! >> This article gives a variety of details about a newly introduced character on an online video game.

Are you keen on buying new Atsd units to enhance your gameplay? Do you want to know all about the latest additions to the troops of Atsd? If yes, then today we will talk about Saber Astd, a unit that will strongly reinforce your power in a battle.

This unit is attaining massive popularity in countries like the United States and Canada. So, please read till the end to find out all the facts and features of this character.

What is Atsd?

All-Star Defense Tower, also known as Atsd is an online battle game wherein players use their units to fend off many enemies and win flights. It was created on 5th July 2020, and since then, the game has caught the eye of 1.7 billion people. It was created by Benoxa, FruitySama and JokeTheFool and is loved by people worldwide. 

Saber Astd possesses powerful qualities like all other units of the game. These units are upgraded every hour, and you can buy them from places such as the Emote Shop, Summon gate, etc.

Some significant aspects of this game are:

  • During the battle, you can upgrade the troops to unlock new attacks.
  • You can also summon different units from the Summon Gate to use in fights.
  • You can also take on the story mode as well as infinity tower by teaming up with friends.

With consistent new upgrades in gameplay and units, this game has become a global favourite.

About Saber Astd:

Now, let’s come to the most awaited part of this article and talk about Saber. 

Saber, a character from a Japanese novel and anime originally named Artoria Pendragon, is the main inspiration for the unit Sword(Maid)

Let’s look at all the cool abilities of Sword:

  • This unit will give gamers money at the start of every enemy wave.
  • You can obtain it from the Hero Summon.
  • Even though it is a bit expensive, it’s the highest money paying farm unit in the game, surpassing all her competitors.
  • Saber Astd can be deployed at level 80 for $375, has a ground tower type and a range of 15. Let’s look at all the upgrades:
  •  Upgrade 1 costs $325 and gives $271 per wave.
  •  Upgrade 2 costs $750 and gives $613 per wave.
  •  Upgrade 3 costs $1300 and gives $1,297 per wave+ Phase 2.
  • Upgrade 4 costs $1500 and gives $1,981 per wave.
  • Upgrade 5 costs $1700 and gives $2,837 per wave+ Phase 4.


Even though the price of Sword is quite high, global players have been very appreciative of its performance because Saber Astd provides the most cash to summon new units and upgrade troops during battles. Hence, you can do the same by purchasing this unit. But before you buy, beware that Not all Robux Generators are safe! 

Head over to if you want to know all about ASTD!

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