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Sandrodesign Com Reviews (June) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Sandrodesign Com Reviews (June) Is This Legit Or Scam? >> This article shares the facts about the site that claims to offer shoes and skates at an affordable price but seems to be questionable.

Do you love skating? Are you planning to buy your skates online? If yes, then before short listing any new website, please check this post.

Sandrodesign.com is an online site that deals with shoes and skates at an affordable price. The company claims to offer amazing delivery facilities all over the United States and other countries. 

In this Sandrodesign com Reviews, we will help you to decide that Sandrodesign.com is legit or a scam. Also, to get the final answer that investing money here is safe or not, please read till the end.

About the Website

It an online store that deals with amazing products. It has a long list like shoes, skates, skateboards, etc., for girls. The different sections such as shoes and dresses make it easier for the customers to choose according to their requirements.

It offers trendy dresses with amazing color combinations that too at a reasonable price. Have you ever visited this site? If not, then Sandrodesign com Reviews will share all the aspects of this site. 

Specifications or Particulars of the Website

  • Website – https://www.sandrodesign.com/.
  • Established on – 2021-3-31.
  • Expire by – 2022-03-31.
  • Registration No. – 814001542.
  • Email address – service@sandrodesign.com.
  • Address – 2 Square Saint Marsal, 66100 Perpiginan France.
  • Processing time – 5-10 business days.
  • Delivery time – within 7-12 working days.
  • Return – you can return within 14 working days after receipt is generated.
  • Refund – no details available.
  • Payment – Visa card, American Express, Master card, etc.

Pros of the Website

  • Considering the Sandrodesign com Reviews, the site works on a valid HTTPS connection.
  • It offers many money-saving offers during the first purchase.
  • Contact details are available on the official site, except the contact number.
  • It has awesome designs of clothes and shoes with reduced prices.

Cons of the Website

  • The site is not designed properly.
  • The site is too new. 
  • It has a too low trust index and rank. 
  • No customer reviews and social media pages are available anywhere on the internet.
  • The details shared are invalid.
  • Refund policies are not properly explained to claims its advantages.
  • The extra discount makes it unnatural to trust.

Is The Site Legit?

This Sandrodesign com Reviews will share the legitimacy points of the site to check its authenticity. So let us check all the facts here:

  • Domain age – the site was created on 2021-03-31, which means the company is working only for the last three months. And never trust a site within such a short period.
  • Trust index – it has a too low a trust index of only 2% and a low rank of 47.1 by 100, which is again a drawback.
  • Social media pages and reviews – the site is not available on any social media platforms. Considering the Sandrodesign com Reviews, there are links on the official site, but no pages are found, and reviews are also missing.
  • Plagiarized content – copied content is the sign of scam platforms. Hence Sandrodesign com also shares copied content. There are spelling errors also.
  • Terms and conditions – the site products mismatches with the terms and conditions, and refund policy is also missing.
  • Contact information – the contact details are available but seem invalid.

After focusing on all the points, it seems that the site can be dubious, so please check the legitimacy details before making a final purchase.

Sandrodesign com Reviews from the Users 

Customer reviews are essential to assuring the authenticity of any portal. As per the research, the site is new and expecting reviews so early is not possible.

But at the same time, so many drawbacks make it questionable, while trusting a site without any customer reviews. It would be best to wait for some time to get the reviews before purchasing anything from the site.

If you have faced any fraud using PayPal, please click on the link to know the way to get your money back.

The Bottom Line 

This unbiased feedback shares all the information about the site selling shoes and dresses for girls. Sandrodesign com Reviews conclude that the site seems to be questionable and shady. The site sells Roller Skates which you may love to buy, but it is suggested to purchase from the legit portal. 

No reviews, copied content, low trust index and many more facts can lead you towards the scam affecting the money. 

Which portal do you use for shopping for shoes? Have you ever experienced any online fraud? Please share your feedback in the comments section below. Also, if you want to know the process to get money back after experiencing fraud by credit cards, please click on the link.

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