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Sanzu Revengers Tokyo (Aug 2021) All About The Character

Let’s bring the supporting character Sanzu Revengers Tokyo to the forefront and study the intricate details that make this character.

No one can capture the viewers and transport them to another world like an anime show. It is no short of art on the small screen for people Worldwide. People who never experienced manga or anime may see it as cartoons; however, with the strong storyline and varied emotions captured through background music and visual effects, it transcends to a higher level of entertainment. 

Therefore, it is not surprising to find people looking to understand particular characters of popular anime series. Hence one such searched anime character happens to be Sanzu Revengers TokyoSo, let’s get more acquainted with this character and the show.

What is Tokyo Revengers? 

One of the anime series that is stealing hearts and making anime lovers Worldwide squealing with delight with every episode is Tokyo Revengers. Created by Ken Wakui, this Japanese manga series is a part of the Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since its launch in March of 2017. Attributing to its fan popularity, it was in April 2021 that the series got its TV adaptation.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, who is down on his luck and, in a shocking turn of events, finds out about his girlfriend’s demise at the hands of the group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Sanzu Revengers Tokyo Appearance

Haruchiyo Akashi has many aliases, such as Akashi Haruchiyo, Sanzu Haruchiyo, and Haruchiyo Sanzu. The character is a supporting character in the story which plays a significant role in moving the plot forward. He is the Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s 5th division. However, in moving forward with the story, we see him take up Bonten’s No. 2.

The character design of Sanzu is such that he is shown as a young man with blue eyes and long rosy pink hair. He is also mostly seen in a Tokyo Manji Gang’s uniform and a black mask. 

However, Sanzu Revengers Tokyo stands out from the rest of the characters because of his shoulder-length mullet and famous purple suit that he sometimes wears. During the timeline, he stops wearing the black mask exposing the two prominent scars on the corner of his lips. He also has a Bonten tattoo on his arm.

The Character Traits 

The character is described to have a calm facial expression, and in his youth, he would rarely be seen talking. However, he goes through a huge character arc and is a manipulative person who has mastered the art of deception. 

Sanzu Revengers Tokyo cannot be tamed and grows to be a bunt ruthless person with malicious tendencies. He gains enjoyment from hurting others.

Audience’s Reception 

The series has been garnering a lot of attention, especially for its well-written characters. According to the reports, by 2020, the manga version of the series has sold 3 million copies which saw an increase in 2021 with 32 million copies. The series is also ranked as the third best-selling manga series. 

The Final Thoughts

Hence looking at the overall show and its significant growth, Sanzu Revengers Tokyo is on a ride to be the best. Even though the character is a supporting character and may not be ever-present throughout the series, the character’s impact is visible. 

He is a menacing character whose creators gave diligence and time to develop into the villain he is known today. Watch here, if you want to enjoy the trailer for Revengers Tokyo.  


What do you feel about the character of Haruchiyo Sanzu? Please write down your thoughts in the comment section for us.

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