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Semecnc com Reviews [July] Is This Site Legit or Not?

Semecnc com Reviews [July] Is This Site Legit or Not? -> This article will help you figure out the authenticity of the claims made by a recently launched website offering attractive fridge stickers.

If you are looking for fridge magnets in the United States, what are the likely places you are going to search for such items? Like most people, you would obviously begin looking for such an item with an online search, and that’s when you’re likely to land on the website Semecnc.com, which specializes in selling fridge magnets. 

Fridge magnets are popular decorative items that can be seen on refrigerators in most homes across the United States and elsewhere. These are also known as fridge stickers, and their main purpose is to improve the aesthetics in the kitchen and dining space where refrigerators are generally kept. 

However, they should be made of good quality material that is safe since they are stuck on the fridge where all of the family’s food items are kept. 

Hence, this article will take a closer look at the Semecnc com Reviews and help you figure out whether the website is legit and trustworthy or fake. 

What’s the Semecnc website all about? 

The Semecnc website sells fridge magnets or stickers that are made of resin and magnet and are available in a wide range of designs, colors and themes. 

The themes that these fridge stickers depict different cover places, objects, artifacts and products, among others. They are generally priced between $19.99 and $23.99, and they are quite colorful and attractive. 

However, the products don’t show any kind of certification despite the fact that they are meant to be stuck on the outer surface of refrigerators where a family keeps its food. 

Many health-conscious customers would ask this question, which the website should answer at some point. The other notable thing is that there are no reviews of any the products on the website. 


  • The Semecnc website provides an office address in Chicago, along with a phone number and email address 
  • It uses the USPS Express for shipping consignments to customers in the United States as well as all over the world except three countries – Russia, Indonesia and Singapore 
  • It displays a PayPal logo in the footer section of every page of the website and also mentions in the FAQs page that it accepts payments via PayPal. 
  • However, there’s no link or navigation in the website to help a customer make the payment via PayPal. 

Is the Semecnc website legit? 

This website does offer enough contact information to help customers know their whereabouts, but it would be too early to conclude that it’s a legit website. The website is very recent; not even a couple of months and it has a very low trust score.

One high-ranking review site says that the domain name of Semecnc is connected to a country which is used by scam sites. 

A Google search of Semecnc com Reviews will reveal a whole lot of negative information about the website that can easily put off a customer. 

Semecnc website pros 

  • The website has the necessary SSL protocol embedded, which is evident from the padlock icon in its browser bar. 
  • It has dedicated a page to provide information about how it ships consignments to customers. 
  • There is a page dedicated to information on the returns policy of the website. 
  • It also has pages on terms and conditions of transactions and privacy policy for customer data protection assurance. 
  • On its FAQs page, it states right at the beginning that it welcomes payment via PayPal, which may be reassuring for some customers. 

Semecnc website cons 

  • According to one of the Semecnc com Reviews on YouTube, the website has a number of other hidden products like swimming pools, kayaks, etc. 
  • Customers would be curious about why the website hasn’t shown all the products that it sells. 
  • Another high-ranking review site reveals that Semecnc doesn’t allow purchases exceeding $100, a practice adopted by numerous other scam sites. 
  • The website has no options for sharing data on social media sites, and this is another suspicious feature that customers won’t miss. 
  • Although the website claims to accept payments by PayPal, it doesn’t offer any link or navigation for accessing PayPal from the site. 

Customer reviews 

The website was set up barely a month ago, and it is unlikely that it has sold any or even a few products to date. Under the circumstances, it’s not surprising that there are no customer reviews to be seen for any of the displayed products. This won’t go down well with any buyer. 


Although it is way too soon to conclusively state that this website is not reliable as it is hardly a couple of months old, the Semecnc com Reviews tell a different story. Any customer reading those reviews will not be interested in buying anything from this website. 

The PayPal mode of payment which the website claims it allows isn’t evident anywhere in the site. Since PayPal protects customers’ interests, a proper and authentic PayPal payment option could have assured some customers about this website, but even that seems unlikely. 

Hence, it does not look legit to us and we do not recommend the site.

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