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Sgloballive com (July 2022) Evaluate The Legitimacy!

The article on website Sgloballive.com provides detailed information on this educational website, as well as a legitimacy test.

Do you believe that education is the best solution to solve many social problems evolving in this planet? Are you a student eagerly waiting to get into a prestigious high school? Then, in order to facilitate the students’ work, the website based in the Philippines was designed to help the students in their quest to find their dream high schools. So here in this article, we will be discussing Sgloballive com website in a detailed manner.

The website details

The website is mainly developed to help students get into their dream high school for the year 2022 and 2023. Here, the students should select at least three preferred schools and departments. Then, according to the seat availability and the marks scored by the students, the website publishes the results of the student’s admissions to the allotted schools. 

But this website asks the students to create an account. After that, only those students can proceed with the further processes. The most important thing is that, students have to pay attention to the website name. They have to enter details into website named Sgloballive. 

Sgloballive com mission

The main purpose of this website is to recruit students for high schools. Students have to apply through this website for that. They have the discretion to choose their preferred schools, but if they are ineligible for a particular school, this website intimates them to change their preference as per the published results. 

And students are not limited to selecting the departments of their choice; they can select the departments of their choice for each school. It is the duty of the school branch to select the meritocrats.

How to apply

They should provide details on the Sgloballive com website. In order to know and select the schools and departments, the students should use the slaskie educational website. It gives a broad picture of the preferred schools and departments.

Students are obligated to choose three schools: their dream high preferred school, a rational one, and the least preferred one. But the most important step in this website process is assembling the list of choices made by the students. Candidates must submit their application forms and their class 8 examination results certificate. And they have to add their achievement details along with the certificate details.

The legitimacy evaluation

Sgloballive com was developed with the motive of helping the students, but it also needs a legitimacy test.

  • Trust score of the website: 2%. Very bad trust index
  • Website creation date: May 29th, 2022.
  • Avatar Digital created the website.
  • Privacy policy and t&c not available.
  • Alexa rank is unavailable 

It creates suspicion about the website because of its low trust score. And no detailed information can be seen on the website.


As a result, the article provided detailed information about the website. But this lacks so much information, and the website Sgloballive com claimed that on July 20th, they would announce the list of eligible and ineligible candidates. But this website asks only for the login information of the candidate. We couldn’t get any further information, so students are requested to be more cautious while entering their details on this website. For more details.

Do you find this article useful? Share with us your dreamy high school name in the comment section.

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