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Sharjah’s Top Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind

Owing to numerous awe-inspiring buildings and locations, Sharjah is a destination for tourism at a global level. Tourists who are interested in knowing more about the history, elegance, and intricacy of traditional Arabic culture and art can visit Sharjah. 

The best part of visiting Sharjah is that you can take every member of your family, including children and elderly people, and enjoy the incredible attractions. Sharjah is a popular holiday destination for families in the UAE. Visitors can book their travel, hotel stays, and flight tickets on any airline like Etihad Airlines or any travel with complete ease and no hassle.

Sharjah is a multicultural city and is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. You will come across many beautiful places in Sharjah. 

Here is a list of the top breathtaking locations in Sharjah.

Sharjah Museum of Art

The vast collection of invaluable Arab artworks on display at this museum is a must-see for anybody who appreciates the art. Being one of the largest art museums in the Middle East, it has 72 galleries displaying the stunning works of several talented Arabic painters. It is not historic, having been built in 1997. If you visit this historic place, you will learn about it.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Embrace the beauty of the religious manuscripts you will see while visiting this stunning architecture and immerse yourself in Arabic culture. I am confident you will categorise it as “one of the wonderful things in Sharjah” after visiting. There are many works of art that you might have never seen before at the museum. It includes exquisite handicrafts made of glass, metal, and clay, among other materials.

Sharjah Science Museum

The museum offers over 50 interactive exhibits, programs, and fun events for kids to learn about natural laws, thermal physics, physiology, and aerodynamics. It also has an on-site planetarium and specialised workshops for children to create their cartoons, solve human body puzzles, and test their flexibility and strength. Additionally, there is a separate play area to help children better understand the world around them. 

The Central Market

The Blue Souq is a Sharjah tourist attraction known for its tilework and 600 shops. You can also find an “Arabian Bazaar” here, offering a variety of products such as clothes, jewellery, electronic parts, and kitchenware.

Khalid Lagoon

It is the tallest water fountain in the UAE, and it ranks the third tallest in the world. Your tour of Sharjah will be memorable with spectacular water displays. It is also thought to be the most sought-after destination at night in Sharjah. Witnessing a fountain so magnificent spraying water at about 100 metres in the air is amazing.

Khalid Lagoon

Qanat Al Qasba

Al Qasba, a suburban entertainment destination, is well-known for hosting a variety of engaging events that will win you over. Although it has many incredible attractions, the Ferris wheel known as the “Eye of the Emirates” is the most well-known. You can see the entire city, which is unique, as you start your thrilling drive on this wheel.

Al Majaz Waterfront

Enjoy the lovely evening while walking across the expansive and magnificent Al Majaz Waterfront. Because it provides a variety of things to do that even emirate residents enjoy, it is the must-visit place to visit in Sharjah. The charming musical fountain, the kid-friendly playgrounds, or one of the UAE’s eco-friendliest jogging routes made from more than 6,000 recycled tires

Blue Souk

The Blue Souk is an essential stop in Sharjah to shop for souvenirs or visit an Arabian bazaar. It is divided into two sections, one devoted to expensive jewellery and the other to a wide range of carpets, fabrics, antiques, and gadgets.

These amazing locations in Sharjah are sure to delight anyone who enjoys visiting or learning about unusual and undiscovered locales. Even though Sharjah is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, it is in no way inferior to Dubai in terms of what it has to offer. 

Sharjah is a multicultural and global city with authentic experiences such as beaches, buildings, malls, and museums, making it a great destination for travellers. So book your ticket on the best airlines, like Etihad Airlines, and explore the stunning beauty of Sharjah. 

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