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Sheermart Scam {June} Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Sheermart Scam {June} Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? >> The article consists of the online shop, which sells outfits and designer accessories for women.

People often buy things and products without knowing and checking the legitimacy of the website, which is a bad practice. It is vital to check the details and identify the site by checking the reviews. Like we do, in this article, we will rectify Sheermart Scam and identify the truth.

The website is new and registered in the United States domain. It is using SSL subscriptions for safe transactions. You will find several fake sites that will mention the fake contact number, email, and contact address. Several other things make this website suspicious, like negative comments and reviews. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult for buyers to purchase products from a new website; each online shop doesn’t need to be fake. But you will find the indirect seller who sells duplicate and counterfeit products even on a legit website. So, always rectify the truth before purchasing any product.

The most common trick that any frauds apply is by labelling low price tag on the product, and by offering unbelievable discounts. If you found something unrealistic, then check the review of the website. If the report is negative suspicious, then avoid that website.

What is Sheermart.com?

Sheermart.com is a regular online shop that sells women outfits and fashion accessories like tops, dresses, plus size, 30 off, pants, athleisure, t-shirts, and denim. All the product available in this shop is at flat 40-50 % discount, sweatshirts, out-coat, and winter wears are available at a low price.

The website is offering for a wholesale clothing business; also, they will provide the products in a bundle for business purposes. All the customers will get 3-4 days of return time so that they can return the product if they are unsatisfied or received any faulty or damaged merchandise.

During our investigation, we found that the website is provided the abandoned contact number. The email id is for dummy purposes because there is no response from customer care. The contact address provided is incomplete and seems fake. We found this website low on the trust index.

The website does not have enough customer reviews available on the internet, so we can say it is a legit one. The survey we found is negative given by the buyers, so it is good to be safe from these websites.


  • Email Id: info@sheermart.com
  • Contact Number: (239) 821-7925
  • Office Address: Kelsea Street, 1285 Fremont St., San Jose, CA 95126 US

Pros of Sheermart.com

  • Products like winter wear, tops, denim, and designer clothes and outfits are available at low cost
  • 3-4 days return time is provided by the Sheermart.com
  • Buyers can purchase the product at the wholesale rate for business purposes
  • The website is using an SSL subscription for a safe transaction.
  • All the products are available at a 40-50% discounted price range.

Cons of Sheermart.com

  • The contact information provided by the website is fake and not working
  • The site is not having enough audience and positive comments
  • They are not present on any social media page, and they have no external links 
  • We found negative comments where a buyer complaint about the fraud that Sheermart.com has to make with him.
  • All the images used on the website is copied from any other website
  • The site is storing the details of the bank account from buyers to hack their accounts.

Is Sheermart.com legit?

The website is not legit because the contact information and office address mentioned on the website is not legit. 

Customers reported negative about Sheermart.com. They have no external link and social media account so that anyone can read about the reviews. People asked about Sheermart scam in which we can say that to stay away for this website.

What are people saying about Sheermart.com?

The website is not found legit because we spotted a comment where a customer mentioned that when he purchased one product from the site after paying the final bill, the website showed him a timeout message. 

He took the screenshot of every step. He tried to reach the customer care but, in return, receive no response. Then he realized that this site is not fit for purchasing.


The website is not found legit, and customers reported negative about Sheermart.com. The number is not working, and the address provided is fake, the images are copied and pasted from other websites. All these activities show that it is not a legit online store.

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  1. Sheermart.com is a 100% scam. They only accept Paypal, so I paid with it. After I suspected something, I contacted Paypal. In their response they showed a UPS tracking number and an email address. Both were not working.

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