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Shelterdeparture Owwa {Nov} Find Out More Here

Shelterdeparture Owwa {Nov} Find Out More Here -> Now become stress-free before starting an occupation in oversea countries by registering with an authorized organization.

Have you recently shifted your place to look for job opportunities? Sometimes, we change our residential place to find a better opportunity in terms of career growth and income. If you find any troubles in the Philippines, then you can contact Shelterdeparture Owwa

It is a government organization that helps migrant workers to fight for their rights in foreign lands. You can find protocols and solutions to your problems without laying trust on third-party legal houses. Besides, you should read the below-elaborated details to understand every aspect of this organization.

What is OWWA- Shelterdeparture?

The Shelterdeparture Owwa is an associated organization of the employment and labor department. It also has a connection with the member institution. Besides, this organization promotes and protects Overseas Filipino Workers welfare and their dependents. In 1977, the organization was called Welfare and Training overseas workers Fund.

It currently has a broad reach in 27 countries with 31 overseas posts. The OWWA additionally has an unmatched regional presence in almost seventeen areas.

What is the purpose of Shelterdeparture Owwa

Shelterdeparture Owwa centers on the OFWs welfare and their families. This organization works on three migration stages, such as pre-departure, upon arrival, and on-site. OWWA educates first-time employees on the facts of oversea jobs before they leave for foreign countries. The potential workers additionally undergo essential language training. On foreign lands, OWWA helps the workers whenever they experience concerns. Eventually, the organization launch programs and training sessions for the re-integration of oversea fund welfare. 


Shelterdeparture Owwa attempts to provide implementing and developing welfare services and programs to OFWs and their family members. 


OWWA mechanisms to guarantee that the interest and rights of OFWs are safeguarded by 2023.

OWWA’s mandates:

The OWWA organization has two mandates that are listed below for your better understanding:

  • Delivery of welfare benefits and services 
  • Granting capital fund viability and build-up 

Services and Programs:

Shelterdeparture Owwa offers support to OFW members in all overseas and regional offices. The services include:

  • Offering guidance and information 
  • Psycho-social conciliation and counseling services
  • Training, outreach missions, and legal assistance
  • An ideal representation with host authorities, employers, and agents 

How to become an OWWA member?

You need to have a membership to procure OWWA services and programs. For 25 dollars contribution, you become a member for procuring multiple services and benefits. Besides, you can register by:Enrolling upon POEA contract processing Voluntary registering at oversea job sites 

Final Verdict:

Shelterdeparture Owwa membership, either via the voluntary or compulsory coverages, is effective after paying 25 dollars for membership contribution until the employment contract expiration. Once you become a member, you are insured for two years. After the 24-months membership, you need to renew your contract. 

The organization also provides training sessions to you for better job opportunities in foreign lands. Please share your views on the working, assurance, and mandates of OWWA in the comments!

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