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Silvia Bandeira Com {Aug 2022} Check The Entire Info!

Do you know who Jo Soares was and what was the relationship between him and Silvia Bandeira? To know in detail, go through the Silvia Bandeira com article.

Do you know who Silvia Bandeira is? Do you know about her husband? If not, then please follow the article very carefully. After going through the article, you will get to know about a very famous actor and her life. Yes, you are thinking it correctly. Silvia Bandeira is known for being a famous actor. Her ex-husband Jo Soares recently passed away in Brazil

Silvia Bandeira and Jo Soares felt for each other while making movies. Please keep reading the Silvia Bandeira com article to learn more about them.

How Silvia Bandeira and Jo Soares met?

In 1979, the famous director Jo Soares invited Silvia Bandeira to act in his movie. But at that time, Silvia Bandeira was a newcomer in her acting career, and she didn’t feel comfortable acting with a Portuguese accent. That’s why she refused to take this role. 

Many months later, at the 40th birthday party of a journalist named Carlos Leonam, Silvia Bandeira and Jo Soares met again in Lagos (the west part of Rio de Janeiro). And that time, Silvia Bandeira Hoje revealed to Jo Soares that she would accept if he asked her to do a play today. The next day, with a new invitation, Jo Soares called Silvia. In 1980, Silvia Bandeira debuted in theatre in ‘Brasil da Censura à Apertura’. Jo Soares wrote the play.

Eventually, Silvia fell in love with the author and director Jo Soares while working with him. And then they got married, but only until 1982. Silvia Bandeira is now the wife of an engineer Carlos Eduardo Souza Dantas Ferreira. They have been married for thirty-eight years. Keep reading the Silvia Bandeira E Jo Soares article to know what Silvia said about her ex-husband’s death. 

What does Silvia say about her ex-husband’s death?

On the 5th of August, Friday, Silvia commented on her ex-husband’s death. She said that the death of Jo Soares is a national loss. Jo Soares was an intelligent person with an extremely charismatic character. He had a great sense of humour, and without rudeness, he could say things to people he didn’t agree with. 

Silvia also mentioned that though they were not close friends after the divorce, they still maintained an admiration for each other. According to Silvia Bandeira com, they used to meet occasionally. She said that Jo Soares was not only a great director and author but also a very good actor, presenter and comedian as well. Though many of us don’t know about Jo Soares, we will pray for his soul. 

The Closing Thoughts:

Though Jo Soares is no more, his great works will always be remembered by his loved ones. He will be alive in his works. And by clicking the link, you will get detailed information about Silvia Bandeira. That’s it for today’s Silvia Bandeira com article. 

Have you seen any of Silvia Bandeira’s work? Comment below.

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