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Skillz.com Reviews {Feb 2022} Is It A Legit Or Scam?

Skillz.com Reviews {Feb 2022} Is It A Legit Or Scam? >> This write-up helps to know the benefits of playing customized games on Skillz.

How about playing some competitive video games online? 

Check Skillz.com Reviews to know more about what the company has in store for you.

Skillz is an online platform allowing young and passionate individuals to take part in some competitive games. The platform has lots of games perfect for people with a creative mind.  Through this mobile gaming platform, many individuals across the globe connect in a crystal clear way.

The people of the United States like playing these games. One can easily play these games on several devices.

Do check Is Skillz.com Legit before creating or playing any games here.

What is Skillz?

Skillz is a popular gaming platform that helps people to sharpen their memory. There are several methods to play games here. Gamers can win prizes and trophies for their participation.

Key Points to note about Skillz:

  • Different types of competitive games available here.
  • The company has its presence in San Francisco, United States.  
  • Many renowned venture capitalists, media firms, etc. offer funding to the company.
  • All games help stay entertained.
  • Separate prizes and trophies for the winners
  • Amazing option
  • Players can win several prices each month.
  • There are more than 30 million players.

Why Skillz matter to the U.S.A.?

  • This platform helps keep occupied and entertained.
  • All games are unique and interactive.
  • Playing these games are easy.
  • Quick display of the result
  • The Skillz platform allows the players to create long-term sustainable businesses.

When Skillz was launched:

  • Skillz was established a few years back.
  • Several games can be played here.
  • Skillz platform allows the players to embrace their hidden talent.
  • This platform is accessible in several platforms
  • Players love playing competitive games here.

Public views on Skillz:

In the past so many months, the company has been increasing the kinds of games on its platform. The aim is to make exciting and new players occupied and engaged. 

You can now plan a great day with your friends by playing some competitive games. One can spend a great evening with your loved ones and let them know your hidden talent.

But many players who play games here believe that they developed some serious gambling issues after playing games. Also, there is no communication with the company once you register on their site.


Playing competitive games is the easiest way to boost your skills. New and innovative games are introduced by the company regularly so that gamers can enjoy playing them.

But the players are suggested to stay away from this gaming site, as it looks like a scam. Skillz is not a gambling portal; rather, they make players fool by taking money from their credit cards.

Many people who have used this website in the past have lost several amounts of dollars here.

From the Skillz.com Reviews and players’ feedback mentioned above, we firmly think that Skillz is not the right platform to play games.  Is Skillz.com Legit is now clear.

6 thoughts on “Skillz.com Reviews {Feb 2022} Is It A Legit Or Scam?

  1. I cannot believe the site is still allowed to operate. The games at a traveling carnival are more legit than skillz. At least there is the appearance of oversight. The solitaire game on skillz is so rigged that it is impossible to win and even when you complete the deck, a fake player will beat you by 20 points.
    Stay away from skillz –

  2. You are absolutely correct Doug. This company is making more money than Vegas. Even at its non-money/point based games.

    Conspiracy theory. Look at the players that win the most. Their home flag, or origin are almost all the same. Asian, Pacific Islander. They often have scores that are virtually impossible to get.

    There’s a Reddit post from a player that says the same thing. Though I’ve spent probably $40 in total, I was quick to learn that this was rigged and no way to recoup your losses.

    You often start games with “waiting for player”. You go into the game and score really well, but then you mysteriously have a player come along and typically score way more than you, and this happens often.

    I would love to be a part of a class action law suit to see them busted and based on their cheating principles.

  3. Using their bonus money is a joke. Even if you win money on a tournament using your money it’s still considered partially their money because I had won two dollars and only a portion of it was able to be withdrawn they claim that I use a portion of the bonus money and a portion of my real money when I thought I was using all of my money. It’s one of the shadiest things I’ve ever seen it needs to be stopped. The deal the cards are the worst I have ever seen on any solitaire game anywhere and I played a lot of other solitaire games on other sites. I currently have an account and there’s probably a few dollars in there I’ll probably just let them have because you can only withdraw $10 which I don’t think I will ever achieve since I keep using bonus money. Refuse to put any more money into something like this.

  4. Thanks for this good read. I have seen the never ending ads for this companies games and having legal background knew better than to ever even consider getting on this forum.. so today I just wanted to see reviews and just as I expected- extremely shady.. somehow they have a A+ Better Business Review.. but it’s likely bcs they respond to complaints.. but it seems like all responses of ppl trying to cash out are- “You’re account suspended and please see violation of terms of agreement for Fraud…. we take cheating seriously “…. blah blah blah… and then another funny response- of pretty much you can’t go after them only as arbitration ( which I’m betting only in their state and you must pay for their legal counsel, as well, sooo big bucks) so it seems everyone is cheating if they want to cash out. Lol… I’d love to know if anyone every checked out the winners in the ads- as to did they actually get money and how much did they actually put in? The money amounts I’m seeing ppl put in to this is crazy..

  5. I have not read a bad comment yet. I’ve played multiple skills games and they all suck. Like mentioned before your score doesn’t matter somone else will beat you. I noticed whenever you start a new game and in practice you’ll do well and win often but after so many you just lose eveytime. I havnt spent more than 5 bucks on this garbage. And I never will I use the bonus money to mess with and practice matches doesn’t matter if you lose or win. But if it’s a big tourney or higher stakes you won’t win even with the best score you could achieve.

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