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Smartver Reviews (July) Is this website legit Or Not?

Smartver Reviews (July) Is this website legit Or Not? >>  This article has been written to make people aware of the online fraud and scams. Read to know this site is legit or scam.

Are you looking for kitchenware products?Have you ever dreamt about your smart kitchen and making your dream come true smarter to help you make your dream kitchen successful? This website has an end-to-end solution for all the basic to advanced needs of kitchen products and applications…Being popular among the United States and Finland people, we must inform you about its legitimacy by our Smartver Review.

What is Smarter Website?

A smart website is an amazing ecommerce website that sells kitchen related products. There are many products from each category, which will surely guide you to build or design your dream kitchen. The products mentioned are of great use and will surely make your daily life very much easy. Everything is of great use, right from toaster to cup and plates. They also have a sports section that sells products related to women’s fitness. The website is very well customized and is very much user-friendly for any user. 

Being everything so much positive, we had a doubt that Is Smartver Legit or Not, which we shall be discussing in the latter half of the article.

Specification of the website

  • Website – https://www.smartver.com/
  • Domain registered on:17.06.2021
  • Domain Age: Only 13 days 
  • Portal Type: online Store for Kitchen related products
  • Trust Score: As it is a very new website, so the score is 0 %
  • Social Media Presence: No Social Media Accounts Found
  • Contact No. :1 619-530-0704
  • Address:849 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, United States
  • Email Id:support@smartver.com
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping on Orders above $50
  • Refund Policy: No Refunds
  • return Policy: refund policy only before  30 days of Purchase
  • Delivery Range: Worldwide

Pros of Buying 

Here are some positive aspects based on Smartver Review and website which will guide you :

  • The website is HTTPS Secure
  • It has an SSL Certificate Enabled, but it’s very easy to have a free SSL certificate in today’s current situation, which raises a strong point in favour.
  • The Product details and Product images are very clear.
  • The products are very Niche base not everything is included on the website.
  • Secure Payment gateway is integrated.
  • Shipping is free for orders above $50 and worldwide.

Cons of Buying 

Here are negative aspects which will also guide you:

  • Domain is registered for an only year only which compels us to think Is Smartver Legit or Not?
  • No social media Accounts are present 
  • Phone no. given is not valid.
  • Products given are copied from other websites.
  • Not more than 30 + products are available.
  • No refund is available for any products.

Is It Legit or Not?

Before buying anything online, one should check its legitimacy once. 

  • The website is just  13 days old.
  • Poor Trust score. 
  • High Spam Score.
  • No Social Media Existance
  • No refund.

We till now haven’t found anything valid points which point that this website is real. 

Smartver Review : What People Thinks about the Smartver

Though the website is very young, so we haven’t found any reviews on the internet on even on any social media. We also haven’t found any customer feedback from any customers on their website, which shows that they are not serious about their business and are here for a short time. Click Here to get information about PayPal Scam.

We would also like you to check up our parameters for finding a fake website. We have great experience in doing this, and according to our deep analysis, we can easily say whether the website is fake. Click here to get more reviews on kitchenware

We will be concluding about it in our final verdict section of our Smartver Review. We also insist our beloved readers make their quick research before buying anything online so that these scam websites cannot waste your hard-earned money. If you are planning to buy from this site check reviews first.

Final verdict 

We have made our deep research and analysis on is this website fake or not, but at last, we have found that this website is just for doing fraud here. Click here if you wants to know more about Credit Card Scam.

Some points like domain age, no social media presence, Copied products, and Smartver Review have helped us determine its genuineness of this website. Our conclusion based on review is it’s just a scam going on.

5 thoughts on “Smartver Reviews (July) Is this website legit Or Not?

  1. I, unfortunately, fell for this scam a couple weeks ago and I unfortunately did not check their website for reviews before ordering. Cao Thi Son is his name from Texas who confirmed my order. My experience was if you order from this person/company you may not get your product and no one will respond to your emails. Confirming email looks all legit but it’s not. No one will contact you to answer any questions. BEWARE!!

    1. Hi Darlene, This is really sad that you get scammed by these people. As a true well wisher we always strive hard to research high and mention all the relevant facts about the scamming websites. Our heartfelt sympathy to you but we thank you that you showed the courage to alert other readers. Hopefully this way the scammers cannot scam many people. Stay bless.

    2. Hi Darlene Shaul, We appreciate the way you have explained us your feedback. Hopefully many people can get benefitted from it. We are also doing the same work and spreading the word around. you may also ask your known ones to read and explore here. Thanks once again.

  2. Definitely a scam…. I purchased a product and paid via my credit card, and received an email notice from an individual, NguyenThi Hong Cam, who processed my payment via his Pay Pal account. When I did not receive any further updates on the product I purchased, I filed a dispute through Pay Pal and they ended up refunding my money. I now see other “copy cat” scams like this all over the internet – (was looking for a cross box for my new pick up truck) – they come up on searches for products but the name of the companies are pretty much a dead give away & they have minimal contact info, etc. Moral of the story – only purchase from sites you can verify or that are know businesses.

    1. Hello Carmen J Ritz

      We are highly grateful that you have spared time in writing your review here. We appreciate the way you explained everything, and it would help other readers aware and stay alert about online scams. Thank you! Stay Blessed and Happy always!

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