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Somebody Feed Phil Parents {May} Discover Their Details!

Somebody Feed Phil Parents are no more now, but Phil has given him a special tribute. Let us read how and some other necessary information here.

Are you a globetrotter and a food lover at the same time? Do you love travel shows? Have you watched any season of Somebody Feed Phil? It is a Netflix series based on cooking available Worldwide; you can watch it.

Phil comes up with the idea to give tribute to his late parents. Do you know what it is? Whatever your answer is, let us discuss it here in the Somebody Feed Phil Parents.

What is the latest news?

Phil Rosenthal, who loves to travel the globe and explore the culture of different places, loves his parent. His father, Max Rosenthal, who was also the part of the show “Somebody Feed Phil” died last year, and his mother died in 2019.

To keep his late parents on the program for the fifth season, Rosenthal devised the concept of “A Joke for Max.” It is a tribute program, where people join him in each episode. It has been about a year when Somebody Feed Phil Dad Death happened, but he wants to remember him this way. Different people will tell a joke about Max Rosenthal, seeing where he is and what he is eating.

Phil said you would enjoy the show as it all comes from the bottom of the heart, and guests who joined for different episodes connected to Max directly or indirectly. Guests for Season 5 are Judy Gold, Brad Garrett, Larry Wilmore, Paul Reiser, and Phil’s son Ben Rosenthal. Some personally know Max, and his laughter, while others familiarize him with the show.

Somebody Feed Phil Parents tribute:

All people were happy to be part of the show, and Phil found it a wonderful way to pay tribute to his parent and honor his spirit. One of life’s greatest pleasures is laughter, and food is the great unifier. 

He also added it goes hand in hand with me, but there will be more laughs in the future. Along with season 5 of “Somebody Feed Phil,” season 6 was also shot and is set to premiere soon. However, a special tribute episode dedicated solely to Rosenthal’s parents is interspersed among those programs.

About Phil’s parents:

After knowing Somebody Feed Phil Parents let us know who is Max Rosenthal and Helen Rosenthal. In Everybody Loves Raymond show created by Phil, Max was portrayed as a lodge buddy. In Somebody Feed Phil, you can watch Max till the fourth season. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 95Previously, in 2019, he lost his mother, Helen, and season 3 could not feature her mom.

About the show:

It is a travel, social, culture, food, lifestyle, and adventure documentary released firstly in 2018 on Netflix and created by Philip Rosenthal. Outstanding unstructured reality program got an Emmy Award nomination.


Somebody Feed Phil Parents are no more nowbut Phil has given him a special tribute in a separate episode“A Joke for Max.” If you also love laughter and travel shows and want to set a good mood with good food, you must watch Somebody Feed Phil. To watch Somebody Feed Phil, click the link here. 

What more information do you need? Write us in the comment section below if you have watched the recent episodes.

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