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Southpaw Fortnite {April 2022} Get The Latest Updates!

The new character of Fortnite, Southpaw, is coming soon. In the article on Southpaw Fortnite, we reveal the upcoming character’s look and features.

Are you an online game lover? Have you heard about Fortnite? Epic Games created the online game Fortnite, and they released the game in 2017. Fortnite belongs to the survival and battle genre. If you want to survive in this game, you have to fight many battles. Recently Fortnite came up with its new character named Southpaw.

Fortnite has a huge fan base in the United States and many other countries. So, keep reading. In this article on Southpaw Fortnite, we will mention the characteristics of the new character.

About the character Southpaw:

Fortnite comes up with different types of rewards for its subscribers every month. Southpaw is the new female character of Fortnite, which players can use in May 2022. She is a very strong and rough fighter, and she is a boxer. Her look is very attractive, and Southpaw seems very powerful because of her entire outfit. 

Southpaw is also called Zurda. Zurda is the Spanish version of Southpaw, and she is the game’s protagonist. We can say that Southpaw Fortnite is the combination of Rocky Balboa and one of the main characters of ARMS. According to the Colombia timetable, Zurda or Southpaw will be accessible for its subscribers from 30th April, Thursday at around 7:00 p.m. 

What will be in the Fortnite Crew of May?

  • The outfit for Southpaw or Zurda.
  • The weapon flails.
  • 1000 V-Bucks.
  • Players will be able to see the rise of Southpaw in every part of the game.
  • By using 950 V-Bucks, players can buy the battle pass for Season 2 of Chapter 3. 

To get these contents as mentioned above in Southpaw Fortnite, players can subscribe any time before the May ends to Fortnite Crew. 

About the game Fortnite:

As we mentioned before, Fortnite is a web-based online video game created by Epic Games. The game is divided into three different versions, but the rules and gameplay of each interpretation are the same. The three versions are-

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale
  2. Fortnite: Save the World
  3. Fortnite Creative

Players can play the game on various platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, iOS, macOS, Android, Xbox series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Is the new character Southpaw Fortnite worth it?

Yes, Southpaws are worthy. Though they are left-handed, their back punches are enough to knock down the opposite enemy. Among the other Fortnite characters, Southpaw is one of the best creations, and her outfit and makeover make her look more creative and attractive. 

Ending Discussion:

Players who are eagerly waiting for the new character of Fortnite will not be disappointed for sure. And those who are still unable about Fortnite, click on the link to learn about this amazing video game. So, this was the detailed information about the Southpaw Fortnite. Are you ready to get the new character of Fortnite? Comment below.

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