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Special.USPS.com Scam (Jan 2022) Read Essential Facts!

If you are looking out for the official government website to request your rapid free coronavirus tests, read about Special.USPS.com Scam below and know more. 

Have you heard about the details for free rapid coronavirus tests? What are the features of this USPS coronavirus service? How is this a part of the scam?

USPS has recently announced the details for their rapid free coronavirus tests, allowing Americans to request the same from an official online website. But this initiative in the United States has caught the attention of many scammers, launching their similar platforms.

Read the headers in the article to explore Special.USPS.com Scamrevealing how the 

scammers are trapping people with expensive quotes!

What is USPS?

Before revealing the details for scams, we would like to start this from scratch, informing our readers stepwise for better clarity.

USPS is the United States Postal Service. Therefore, this refers to an independent agency and the extended executive branch for the federal government. The officers in this agency are responsible for handling postal services in the country.

Special.USPS.com Details:

USPS always used to come up with easy and affordable solutions for their country residents, allowing them few accesses for different and required services, grabbing the attention for Special.USPS.com Scam. As the Corona pandemic is about to hit again, USPS has come up with an affordable solution for this as well, allowing people to get their tests done free of cost.

They have launched their official online platform where Americans can get their requests approved for the rapid free coronavirus tests.

The website for this initiative was launched on 13th January 2022, thereby gaining immediate attention from all the scammers. This initiative is the announcement by Whitehouse officials asking for a free COVID test page.

Special.USPS.com Scam:

As we have already mentioned, this USPS initiative has gained the attention of many users and scammers worldwide, trying to copy the URL under illegal terms. Soon after the USPS free coronavirus testing website launch, multiple platforms with similar URLs and addresses were found over the internet. 

These all aim to lure people into purchasing expensive testing kits, allowing them similar options but at higher prices. Therefore, these websites are not official and are totally a scam, asking for the expensive rapid testing kits to be sold. 

And while linking the term expensive with Special.USPS.com Scamwe mean the double or triple extra costs. USPS offers four rapid free tests; the scam websites are charging $39.97 for only two packs. 

How to detect these websites?

To beware of these scams, users need to check out all the details for the website, assuring that they are proceeding further process only from the official government platforms. Here we suggest our readers to check details on How To Avoid An Online Scam?

Final Verdict:

After extracting all the details and facts for USPS Scam, we want to warn our readers to check out the website thoroughly before requesting their rapid coronavirus tests. Special.USPS.com Scam is currently trending over the internet as scammers have built their websites with similar URLs, thereby confusing people. Official Government Website for Free Rapid Test  will help you with the desired webpage landings. Please share your views for the same in the comments section below. 

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